Dentist Egle Skruodyte, Bella Collina resident, Arrested For Assault

Dentist Egle Skruodyte, Bella Collina resident, Arrested For Battery Touch or Strike

Dwight Schar, the founder of NVR Inc (NYSE: NVR) and the wealthy builder that purchased Bella Collina through DCS Investments, seems less choosy when it comes to making money.  

Was Schar aware of the murky circumstances that surrounded the man he elevated to (or claimed to be) head of the Property Owners Association? Families with children and mothers were moving into a community that housed a convicted felon and his partner. 

It was a crime that sent shockwaves throughout Massachusetts. State employees, in league with lobbyists and businessmen, committed the biggest cash theft in the state: running away with $9.4 million. At the center of it all was Richard Arrighi, a wealthy attorney who had weaseled his way into the center of the State treasury. 

Dentist Egle Skruodyte, Bella Collina resident, Arrested For Assault

Richard Arrighi was discovered, prosecuted, sent to prison for three years, disbarred on his release, and for all intents and purposes, never heard from again in Massachusetts. 

At the same time, Egle Skruodyte was a child in Lithuania. Arrighi already had a wife, one that he claimed to visit. Instead, he ran off to Las Vegas and gambled while on bail. This put him in contempt of court. 

In 2001, Arrighi was sentenced to jail. In 2004, he was released and immediately disbarred. 

Arrighi still owed the government over $400,000 in restitution. He alleged that he did not have the funds to pay for it, but maintained his vast possessions and cars. Two months later Arrighi paid for what he owed and vanished from the state of Massachusetts. 

Dwight Schar partnered with criminal Richard Arrighi to create Bella Collina in Florida

In 2006, Arrighi moved down to Florida, to start a home development company he called Phoenix Homes. 

Wealthy builder Dwight Schar, fallen from his billionaire status, purchased Bella Collina in 2012. Aligned with Phoenix Homes, DCS Investments began the takeover of the gated community, including redesigning the property owners’ association. Arrighi called himself the head of the association but was appointed treasurer, according to documents drawn up at the time. 

Schar was the finance chairman of the Republican National Committee until 2017 when he retired. Arrighi, according to Boston Magazine, was a rising star in the Massachusetts GOP until 2001, when he was arrested. It is possible that Schar and Arrighi ran into each other before Arrighi’s jail sentence.

At this point, Skruodyte was in school in Lithuania. MRU Lithuania is a university she attended, according to a LinkedIn account that has her identified as Egle Egle. 

At some point before 2015, Egle Skruodyte moved from Lithuania to Florida. She received her dental degree from Nova Southeastern University in 2015, which is located in Florida. She marked her home then as in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

One website claims she has been a “network provider” since 1983, but this must be a typo. Her license marks her as the sole proprietor of Elite Clermont Dental in Florida. This also marks her home address as the same address as Richard Arrighi in Bella Collina

That said, Skruodyte and Elite Clermont Dental have positive reviews and some of them in Spanish. The majority of these reviewers only have one review to their name: the review of her practice. Shady? Well, her life partner and the father of her child, seems to be deceiving the public pretending to be a well-known architect on the web. Has Richard Arrighi, Dwight Schar’s partner, using deceitful methods and fake news on the web? It will be interesting to know if Egle Skruodyte and Elite Clermont Dental are doing the same. 

Skruodyte also has a criminal record. She was arrested for assault and battery in 2018. Much like her partner, Arrighi, she has run afoul of the law. 

These are the types of people that former billionaire Dwight Schar puts in charge of the POA. Until 2017, Arrighi introduced himself to homeowners as the leader of Bella Collina’s POA. Those who suffered from the retaliatory efforts of the POA whenever they complained ended up seeing Arrighi as responsible for the punishment for saying anything. 

450 families filed a class-action lawsuit against Schar, Arrighi, Paul Simonson, and Randall Greene alleging racketeering and fraud against the four and the business, DCS Investments. 

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      What a shame of beautiful dentist have criminal record. She was arrested for assault and battery in 2018. Much like her partner, Arrighi, she has run afoul of the law

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      Beautiful???? OMG this an ugly woman. A woman who called me on a recorded line bragging on all the money Rick Arrighi spent money on her while he refused to pay child support in the state of Massachusetts. Trust me she’s no beauty….ever try to have a conversation with her?

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