A scam is when a consumer or homeowner did not receive what he anticipated or expected. The disappointment can be defined as a scam. For the purposes of this analysis, Bella Collina real estate losses in the community (central Florida), bad returns on investments, short-term residence in Bella Collina, disappointments from the club, or from anything promised or refusal to pay the fees, and dumping the investment can be perceived as a scam by homeowners

Those who believe that they suffer from scams in Bella Collina lose money on the lots they purchase. They lose money on homes initially valued at millions of dollars. Homeowners might be forced to wait between two and four years for their houses to sell in order for them to receive returns on their property investments

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Is Bella Collina a Scam?

Is Waiting Four Years to Sell Your Bell Collina House Feels Like Being Scammed?

The answer may be YES. Homeowners who were pitched a quick and easy return on their investment in Bella Collina may feel scammed if they have to wait four years to sell their home. Can it be that only 6 properties were sold in 2018 after a 44 months wait in Bella Collina? 


Losing $1.5 Million Can Definitely Make You Feel Scammed

A homeowner only stayed in Bella Collina for 1.5 years. When he decided to sell his home, he asked for 50 percent more than he had paid. However, after being forced to wait for three years, paying expenses like taxes, fees, and Bella Collina club charges, he easily lost $1.5 million

Source: Bella Collina Real Estate Property: 80% PRICE DROP and still no buyer after long 611 days (almost 2 years) 😱

Jan 2018 asking price: $1,939,000
March 2019: $399,000
Duration: 430 (my calculation) to 611 days (Zillow reporting – that’s almost 2 years and NO SALE)
Price drop: $1.5 million
+ Additional loses of $35,000 to per year for high club dues, HOA, tax, and value of money

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Is Waiting Four Years to Sell Your Bell Collina House Feels Like Being Scammed?

Six Years to Sell and 130 Percent Loss Can Make You Feel Scammed

A Bella Collina homeowner at 16021 Vetta Drive seems to have lost 130 percent of his investment after purchasing a home in the community. He was forced to wait to sell the home, and at one point lost $100,000 overnight. 

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16021 Vetta Drive, Bella Collina, Florida

Does the Owner of 16118 Trivoli Circle, Bella Collina Feel Scammed?

The answer can be YES. If you were pitched by the sales team at Bella Collina that the community is a hot area and maybe a good investment, then you have to wait four years to sell the Bella Collina property, it may feel like a scam. Another lot was appraised as being only worth $27K, even though a brand new home sold already for the second time in less than a year and just lost $74,000. Homeowners don’t seem to stay in Bella Collina for very long. 

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Does the Owner of 16118 Trivoli Circle, Bella Collina Feel Scammed?

What should have been a thriving community with several families inhabiting the homes built there instead is an empty ghost town, with lots that haven’t been built on and construction sites abandoned on every street. Bella Collina bills itself as a “Luxury Orlando Real Estate.” It also claims to be near downtown Orlando, but is a 45-minute drive count as being “near” a location? 

Are houses crammed next to each other the definition of “luxury?” It would appear not. Forget having intimacy, or privacy, without people looking into your windows. If your Bella Collina house is located next to the club, then you are subject to many noisy events taking place almost every day. 

Does the Owner of 15214 Pendio Drive, Bella Collina Feel Scammed?

The homeowner who purchased 15214 Pendio Drive, Bella Collina, in 2005 might feel scammed. He sold the property 14 years later for nearly $500,000 less than he bought it. If he bought the property thinking that he would profit from the investment, then he was wrong. In addition, he had to pay all the fees for the POA and the clubhouse while he owned that property. 

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Does the Owner of 15214 Pendio Drive, Bella Collina Feel Scammed?

The fees per year, as mandated by the POA run by Dwight Schar’s “enforcer,” Randall Greene, is $40,000. If property owners and homeowners do not pay these fees, they are sued in court by Dwight Schar’s extensive legal team. The fees for the clubhouse did not start until 2012 when Dwight Schar took over the community. Even so, the owner would have had to pay $280,000 in fees. At a minimum, this owner lost $780,000 over the course of fourteen years. 

Disclaimer: Please check the facts with BellaCollina.com and their salespeople before making a decision.This article is merely the opinion of the writer and not that of the publication or any other official authority. There are points to think about and you should be doing your homework based on any other facts you may choose including checking court records, other sites, and interviewing the subject/s of the article for comments.

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    22 Responses

    1. Olivier R

      Bella Collina looks like a scam to me. They are just using the “beautiful” façade of the place.

    2. Greg H.

      Bella Collina was considered a luxury community and a dream place to live, but after that businessman Dwight Schar bought it, everything went downhill! Just look at his employees…criminals and enforcers!

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    4. Bob Manila

      From everything I’ve read about this place, it seems that it really is a scam! This is not something to be considered lightly, I don’t know why there are not taken more measures. They are stealing people’s money!

    5. Jim T.

      And a scam it is! Don’t trust their fairy tale commercials, go inside the community, and see for yourself. It is like an abandoned place.

    6. Tanya Anderson

      Bella Collina doesn’t deserve the “luxury community” title anymore. This place is left to rot and no one cares about it.

    7. Tony F.

      People losing millions of dollars and fleeing their homes because they are forced to pay so high costs, will surely sound like a scam. In fact, this community is a scam for more then a decade!

    8. Gordon F.

      Of course it is a scam! People lost fortune here! My brother is one of the people who left that rotten community! Not a cent he returned! He waited 5 years to sell his house and guess what? FOR WAY LOWER PRICE! ANSWER TO THE QUESTION: IT IS A SCAM!

    9. Frank Barbara

      If you wait for so long to sell a luxury home, then something is wrong here. That means that no one wants to buy a house there and you push so much to sell it. What do you get? Accumulated costs, financial lost because the prices are changing, usually lowering and most certain a liver disease…

    10. Dave Hatfield

      Just check the Web for Bella Collina scam and you’ll find plenty of information. Simple as that.

    11. Owen D.

      Lose millions and then name it how you want it! The management of this community destroyed people’s lives!

    12. Michael B.

      What investing millions and receiving poor service in return along with suing, racketeering is called in other words?

    13. Thomas Mayers

      The moment DCS Capital Investments bought Bella Collina, I knew that community will go down!

    14. Camila Diners

      Everything turned downside when this dude Dwight Schar bought Bella Collina. You know what’s funnier, his son is managing it now. If you remember the news about him assaulting people a few years ago. These are the people owning this place now. Feel sorry for the people living there

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