GLOBESITY FOUNDATION and Dr. Marcus Free have published one of the most comprehensive scientific research supporting its use in its GLOBESITY Bootcamp supervised by Don Juravin.

Effects of Guar Gum on Weight Reduction

Research Shows That Guar Gum Is Effective In Weight Loss

Guar gum increases satiety for 10 hours which means less hunger and less eating for the obese. Guar gum also decreases daily energy intake by 310 calories. That is a weight loss of ~2.5 kg (5.3 lbs) per month or 30 kg (66 lbs) per year.

Good probiotic agent as guar gum increases the ratio of the healthy to unhealthy gut flora by 100% to 1,000%. This is double important because an unhealthy microbiome promotes sugar cravings and because guar gum decreases the peak concentration of glucose by 44% to 56% resulting in better glycemic control for diabetics, increased satiety (less hunger) and weight loss.

The researchers at GLOBESITY FOUNDATION also found evidence that guar gum decreases appetite by 10%. This is great news for the obese since it reduces caloric intake by 200 calories per day resulting in about one pound (420g) weight loss per week, or 10 lbs (22 kg) per year.

Dr. Marcus Free, research manager at GLOBESITY FOUNDATION, mentions that guar gum decreases cravings as it increases the gastric transit time. This results in better glycemic control for diabetics by reducing the concentration of glucose in the blood and inhibiting the absorption from the gut. Don Juravin, the famous drill sergeant of the GLOBESITY Bootcamp, likes the findings but states that healthy weight can not be achieved based on supplements only but a change of attitude is a must. In Mr. Juravin’s expert opinion, attitude and change in lifestyle are of utmost importance which is why you have to agree to the statement “Fat is UNHEALTHY and UGLY” before you’re allowed to join his Facebook Bootcamp group

Don Juravin likes the science of the cravings reduction. The extensive research finds that guar gum decreases cravings as it prolongs the gastric transit time and reduces the concentration of glucose in the blood. Reduced glucose decreases the hunger and promotes satiety, therefore reducing cravings.

We should rely on science, Weight-Analysis, education, and interesting exercise for the obese in order to achieve a healthier world, says Anna Juravin, President of GLOBESITY FOUNDATION, the nonprofit organization

Anna Juravin, President of GLOBESITY FOUNDATION
Anna Juravin, President of GLOBESITY FOUNDATION

Guar Gum Effects On Diabetes

Dr. Marcus Free mentions that guar gum limits the maximum rise in blood glucose by 44% to 56%. This helps to control sugar levels in diabetics. Slower glucose metabolism helps control sugar spikes. Also, controlled insulin release is linked with controlled sugar levels which may lead to increased weight loss.

Dr. Marcus Free
Dr. Marcus Free

Guar gum slows glucose metabolism rate, lowers blood glucose, and increases insulin sensitivity. When guar gum is consumed daily (15 g daily for up to 48 weeks) it improves glycemic control and postprandial glucose tolerance. Moreover, guar gum consumed for 4 weeks reduces urinary glucose.

Don Juravin and his research team found that guar gum (7.6 g) added to bread containing carbohydrates (75 g) reduces postprandial glucose and insulin.

Dr. Free and Don Juravin mention that guar gum (5g four times daily for 6 weeks) was consumed before meals reduce fasting blood glucose, postprandial glucose, hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) and insulin requirements in patients with type 1 diabetes. In addition, they found that guar gum (9g daily for two months) added to natural fibers (30g) reduces serum levels of HbA1c.

Summary of Healthy Weight Benefits

The GLOBESITY FOUNDATION research team informs doctors and health professionals that:

  • Guar gum is a hypocholesterolemic agent that reduces low-density lipoproteins, very low-density lipoproteins, and cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular problems and hypertension.
  • Guar gum improves the health and functionality of the small bowel by stabilizing gut flora and increases motility. 
  • Guar gum reduces nephrotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, and oxidative stress associated with diabetes and hypertension.
  • Guar gum is used orally as a bulk laxative. It is also used for treating diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), obesity, and diabetes.
  • Guar gum is used as a thickening, stabilizing, suspending, and binding agent in foods and beverages, as a binding and disintegrating agent in tablets, and as a thickening agent in lotions and creams.

Guar Gum Safety

Guar gum is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) according to the FDA.

Guar Gum Side Effects

  • Flatulence: Guar gum increases intestinal and gut gas production resulting in increased flatulence.
  • Loose bowel motions: Diarrhea may occur but is expected to subside within a few days.
  • Obstruction: When Guar gum is consumed with inadequate amounts of fluids, it can also cause severe esophageal and small bowel obstruction (Lewis 1992).
  • Side effects can be minimized by a gradual increase in the intake of fiber-rich foods and increase of water intake to 3 liters per day.

Drug Interactions

  • Ethinyl estradiol: Guar gum decreases Ethinyl estradiol absorption, decreasing the effectiveness of estrogens.
  • Antidiabetic drugs: Both Guar gum and antidiabetic drugs decrease blood glucose levels. On the other hand, concurrent use of Guar gum with metformin may decrease metformin absorption and lower its antidiabetic activity. Therefore, it is important to monitor glucose levels and speak to a physician about balancing the antidiabetic drugs if required.
  • Antihypertensive drugs: Guar gum appears to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure (Landin 1992, Uusitupa 1984), and taking Guar gum with antihypertensive drugs might increase the risk of hypotension.
  • Digoxin: Guar gum decreases the rate of digoxin absorption.
  • Penicillin: Guar gum may decrease the absorption of penicillin, resulting in decreased effectiveness. 

Guar Gum Interaction With Herbs & Supplements

  • Calcium: Guar gum can reduce the rate of calcium absorption and concomitant use of Guar gum and calcium supplements might reduce the efficacy of calcium.
  • Herbs and supplements with hypoglycemic activity: Guar gum lowers blood glucose levels. Therefore, concomitant use of guar gum with herbs and supplements that have hypoglycemic activity (like alpha-lipoic acid, chromium, devil’s claw, fenugreek, garlic, Panax ginseng, psyllium, Siberian ginseng, etc.) could have additive and adverse effects.
  • Herbs and supplements with hypotensive effects: Guar gum appears to have hypotensive effects. Combining guar gum with other herbs and supplements with hypotensive effects (like Andrographis, casein peptides, cat’s claw, coenzyme Q10, fish oil, L-arginine, lyceum, stinging nettle, theanine, etc.) increases the risk of hypotension.
  • Guar gum taken with small amounts of insoluble fiber does not affect iron, ferritin, vitamin A or vitamin E absorption.
Don Juravin
Don Juravin


Don Juravin. (2020, July 25). Guar Gum Effects On Weight Reduction, Cravings And Diabetes in GLOBESITY Bootcamp for the Obese (Version 1.0). Zenodo.

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