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Four ways to find employees and fill vacancies as a Guernsey fiduciary services firm

Guernsey continues to serve as a hub for financial services and fiduciary services particularly. By the start of the year, the net asset value of Guernsey funds stood at a staggering £290 billion and is set to continue growing.

However, in a tight labour market, finding employees and filling vacancies for firms across the various sectors of the economy is increasingly difficult. In the competitive field of fiduciary services, finding and retaining skilled workers is essential for maintaining high standards of service and staying ahead of the competition.

For fiduciary services firms in Guernsey, the unique market environment presents both challenges and opportunities. Here are four effective strategies to find employees and fill vacancies in this specialised sector.

  1. Employ the services of a dedicated PR company

A Guernsey-specialised public relations (PR) company can be instrumental in helping a fiduciary services company fill vacancies through strategic PR efforts that showcase the company’s best and increase its profile, visibility, and image.

Through well-crafted press releases, engaging content, and strategic media placements, PR can highlight the fiduciary company’s strengths, values, and work culture, making it an attractive prospect for potential candidates.

Moreover, the PR company can effectively use social media platforms to reach a wider audience, including local professionals and those considering relocation to Guernsey.

The PR firm can also build a positive image that resonates with job seekers by showcasing employee testimonials, company achievements, and community involvement.

  1. Partner with specialised recruitment agencies

Fiduciary services firms can benefit greatly from partnering with recruitment agencies that specialise in the financial and legal professions. This allows you to target your vacancies directly at those with relevant experience and skills for the position on offer.

Agencies such as OSA Recruitment, AP Executive, and Blink Recruitment have a deep understanding of the fiduciary sector, access to a network of qualified professionals, and a focus on recruitment in the Island.

These firms can help identify candidates with the specific skills and experience required for trust management, corporate services, and compliance roles. By leveraging their expertise, firms can streamline the hiring process and find suitable candidates more efficiently.

  1. Utilise professional networks and associations

Another crucial strategy to follow is to partner with professional networks and associations related to fiduciary services. This can be an effective way to identify potential candidates for vacant roles.

Organisations such as the Guernsey Association of Trustees (GAT) and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) often have job boards, networking events, and forums where members can connect and discuss career opportunities.

Through participating in these associations and attending industry conferences, firms can better build relationships with professionals who are actively involved in the fiduciary sector, making it easier to identify and attract top talent.

Moreover, any relationships built with such organisations can allow your company to run future events, which places it at the forefront of professionals’ minds. This is helped, in particular, through the use of a PR firm with experience in organising and running such events.

  1. Offer comprehensive training and development programmes

Given the specialised nature of fiduciary services, offering comprehensive training and development programs can attract candidates looking to advance their careers. Furthermore, it is also an essential resource when seeking to increase staff retention.

These programs can make the firm more attractive to potential hires by highlighting opportunities for professional growth, such as obtaining relevant certifications, attending industry-specific workshops, and participating in mentorship programs.

Meanwhile, emphasising a commitment to ongoing education and career development can also help retain employees who feel there is a clear career path for them within the company and that their efforts and contributions are valued. As said previously, this would reduce turnover and build a more skilled and loyal workforce.

Filling vacancies in a Guernsey fiduciary services firm requires a strategic approach that leverages specialised resources and emphasises professional growth.

By partnering with specialised recruitment agencies, engaging with professional networks, implementing a dedicated Guernsey PR company, and offering comprehensive training and development opportunities, firms can attract and retain the talent needed to excel in the competitive fiduciary services sector.

These strategies help fill current vacancies and contribute to the firm’s long-term success by building a robust and skilled workforce.

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