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These small business guides will be a great help if the world Pandemic has meant that you have had to rethink how you earn your revenue?  Has a redundancy given you the push and funds you needed to start something that you have been dreaming of for far too long?

If you are setting up a new business, or starting a small business from scratch, then you might find some of our small business guides really useful to refer too.

The following guides will help you with marketing tips, PR advice, networking ideas and even a bit of insight into Google Analytics so you can learn to measure the marketing you implement from your marketing campaign plan.

Guide to writing a marketing campaign plan.

Guide to writing a business plan UK.

Guide to PR tips for small business.

Guide to networking ideas for small business.

Guide to bounce rate Google Analytics.

small business guides

It is so important when starting a new business to have a plan, as often the thought of everything in its entirely can be overwhelming.  A marketing campaign plan can be invaluable as there are so many different strands of marketing and it can be difficult to know where to focus.  Many start up businesses try to tackle too many areas of marketing with their launch, rather than using the 2/3 most effective outlets in their sector, and making sure that they produce quality marketing.  It is quality over quantity every time.  A marketing campaign plan can be so helpful for making sure that the right areas of marketing are tackled in the right way at the most appropriate times of year.

Once your marketing is in full swing, tracking the effectiveness of driving people to your website is easily measurable using the Google Analytics tool.  So many small business owners who are new to this tool need help with the specifics and a breakdown of the terminology on the site, such as what does the bounce rate on Google Analytics mean?

We have so many helpful tips for small business owners and start ups.  We will be adding more small business guides as and when we write them so please always suggest if there are any other small business guides that you would like us to write?