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Who’s Adrian Fox Bahamas? How Fox Foundation and Dr. Adrian Fox Are Helping the People of the Bahamas? 

Who’s Adrian Fox? How Fox Foundation and Dr. Fox Are Helping the People of the Bahamas? 

Dr. Adrian Fox is a local Bahamian and also Co-founder of Island Luck. He’s an amazing person and an entrepreneur who’s known to work for the better future of his people. He has expanded philanthropic endeavors to empower the weak Bahamians.

Even though he’s a successful person, he knows the value of hard work and the necessity of empowering youth through a good education system, and the reason is in the past of Adrian Fox.

He was born on 12th January 1969 and completed his education at three institutes St. Bede’s Primary School, Donald W. Davis Middle School, and R. M. Bailey High School.

Dr. Fox was a hard worker and began working in his teenage years. He started with the restaurant industry and worked in the Cafe Martinique, Captain Nemo’s, and Five Twins. Along with these restaurant industry jobs, he also operates a newsstand, phone card business, hair salon. All of these job experiences inspire him to start his own business and organizations to help his people.

His hard work and dedication led him here to a point where he will soon start the business named Island luck in Bahama Island, it’s a gaming and lottery service. The good thing is he doesn’t want to stop here because Dr. Fox has future plans to try his hands in real estate by starting Bricken Real Estate.

Dr. Adrian Fox was never born with a golden spoon in his mouth. From his teenage years, he struggled to get everything he wanted. His past experiences related to personal life, jobs, and natural disasters (that are common in the Bahamas) inspire him to start an organization, “Fox Foundation.” An organization to support the impoverished people of his motherland “Bahama.”

At once, he wrote in The Jerusalem Post that:

“Possessing direct experience of living through a natural disaster, I am deeply attuned to the difficulties facing the people of St. Vincent.” 

It shows that he knows well about the difficulties which people suffer during natural disasters. That’s the reason why he did his best to help the people of ST. Vincent in 2019. He hired people for the Fox Foundation so all of them could go by ship and send food, water, and other supplies to the Abako area to the needy people. Apart from food and water, Fox foundation supplies generators to help people in St. Vincent and started a GoFundMe account to collect funds worldwide.

As we all know, the economy of the Bahamas depends on the travel industry. In addition, there were a large number of people working in the tourism industry whose jobs were severely affected by the Covid-19 restrictions. At that time, the Fox foundation worked very well and helped the people of the Bahamas. Even Dr. Fox sought help from around the world as the founder of the Fox Foundation for his country.

The situation he saw in his youth during natural disasters and now during Covid-19 forced him to think about a permanent solution. Luckily he has found it. According to Dr. Fox, the residents of the Bahamas should not wait for foreign help for economic assistance. Instead, every child of the Bahamas needs proper education and skills to survive in the future independently.

He stated that:

“In countries such as ours, (where) the employment (is) highly dependent on tourism, the philanthropic sector has a responsibility to provide innovative solutions to local problems.”

And that’s right, tourism is essential for every country, but if everything depends on it, it is terrible. Because it has a lot of chances of economic downturn.

That’s why Dr. Fox and his Fox foundation are working around the clock to provide disaster relief, build community, and support the locals of the Bahamas, particularly the youth. In addition, his organization (Fox Foundation) is in collaboration with local organizations in the Bahamas. They all are working to provide better education, skills training so that the youth of the Bahamas can help their country through various industries, not only through tourism (which is seeing downwards from Hurricane Dorian).

Dr. Fox points out the time of Hurricane Dorian, which was another most damaging disaster of Bahamas history. It damaged billions of dollars of property before the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the IMF provided financial support, it was peanuts as compared to the losses. And then came Covid-19, which restricts travelers around the world and creates problems for the Bahamas economy.

In 2020 IMF issued the growth predictions of the following year in which they predict a downfall of the tourism industry which we’re still seeing. It was terrible news for the Bahamas because their economy depended on tourism. At that time, Dr. Fox, the Fox Foundation, and other organizations came to the fore and helped the Bahamas economy.

The fox foundation is helping by giving financial assistance to the impoverished individuals of the Bahamas, but they’re not much interested in this short-term support. Instead, they’re more interested in the long-term result, which is only possible by investing in youth by providing the best education system. For that reason, Fox foundation is promoting educational opportunities all around the Bahamas for the betterment of their future.

The fox foundation has been working for six years. In these years, they’ve collected the aid of five million dollars from all around the world. The foundation is contributing through these donations in four different areas.

  1. At first, the Fox foundation wants to work for the youth. That’s the reason they are trying so hard to promote good education in the Bahamas so every adult can learn different skills and then they all can work in various industries. It is vital for the growth also for the survival of the economy of the Bahamas. Besides, it is the only way to protect the economy of the Bahamas against the worst situations of the future in case some pandemic again affects the tourism industry.
  1. The second focus of Fox foundation is the help of Bahama’s people who face difficulties because of natural disasters. The foundation provides medical aid, food, water, generators, and many more things that are necessary to survive in the affected areas of natural disasters. The only thing they want is health and better life in the Bahamas.
  2. Their third focus is to provide opportunities for work that are limited in the Bahamas. So everyone can live there and raise a family. According to an IMF report, ten to forty percent of people in the Caribbean migrate to other countries for jobs. This situation also refers to the “brain drain” that is not good for any economy. That’s why Fox foundation and Dr fox are also working with the local organizations and industries to provide better and equal job opportunities.
  3. The fourth focus of the Fox Foundation is to promote community building in the Bahamas. Due to this reason, they are working with local organizations and the government. So they all can see social growth and a promising future for the natives of the Bahamas.

Dr Fox not only believes that education can change the future of Bahamas people, but he’s working for it. According to him, “education must be more comprehensive and impactful. “He wants the Fox Foundation to help or suffice the needs of education in the Bahamas and all Caribbean. He’s also working with the Govt of the Bahamas, so they both can provide a better future for Bahamas people. However, the Covid-19 and its travel restrictions undermined Dr. Fox’s efforts in the Bahamas, as all of these conditions have badly harmed the Bahamas’ economy.

Still, Dr. Fox is motivated and believes that:

The Bahamas can and will have a sustainable future.

The good thing is it’s not only a dream of Dr. Fox, but according to a recent study: the Bahamas has a high amount of renewable energy in its territory. That’s a piece of good news for the Bahamas people and its economy. If they used Near-shore winds, they could meet the needs of electricity and revive the economy again that is seeing its worst time due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Moreover, it is also suitable for the agriculture industry of the Bahamas.

Apart from Near-shore winds, the Bahamas also have Liquid natural gas resources, which can be extremely helpful to power ships all around the Caribbean.

You may be thinking of why he’s doing all of these things for the Bahamas. Then the simple answer is: he is from the Bahamas. And like everyone, Dr. Fox also wants to see the development and growth in the life of his beloved motherland citizens. He has a dream to see the youth of the Bahamas educated, successful and happy in their life.

Dr. Fox and the Fox foundation are working diligently every day to make this dream come true. Because he believes that one day the life of Bahamas people will change in a good way through education. After all, Dr. Fox’s life is also changed because he gets proper education and a strong work ethic.

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