How to Choose the Right Exhibition Stand Builder

Finding the perfect partner to craft and construct your next exhibition stand can be quite the challenge. The crucial elements of original design, impeccable construction, and unparalleled customer service are undoubtedly essential. Yet, the question remains: How can you navigate the sea of options and select the optimal firm for your needs?

Why In-House Expertise Matters

A pivotal aspect in your quest for the right exhibition stand builder is the question of sub-contracting. Numerous exhibition companies might conceptualise your dream exhibition stand, only to delegate the actual building process to an external entity. Regrettably, this arrangement can potentially inflate your expenses by up to 20%. Opting for an exhibition contractor who not only envisions but also crafts and installs your customised display internally can offer substantial savings and enhanced quality control.

Control and Collaboration

Moreover, relying on subcontractors for the construction of your trade show booth can lead to challenges in maintaining quality standards and meeting deadlines. Last-minute modifications, often a necessity in the dynamic world of exhibitions, can become intricate to manage when multiple parties are involved in the creation process.

Expert Advice

The prudent choice is to opt for an exhibition stand builder with the prowess to both design and construct your display in-house. This approach offers the advantages of cost efficiency, seamless coordination between design and construction teams, and a single point of contact in case unforeseen issues arise.

The Deceptive Allure of Cost-Cutting

The well-worn adage, “you get what you pay for,” resonates as much in the realm of exhibition stands as it does in life at large. While cost is undeniably a pivotal factor, it’s imperative to remain vigilant to tactics that some contractors, initially appearing budget-friendly, employ to augment expenses post-contract. Seemingly minor alterations can precipitate disproportionate cost escalations and unforeseen additional charges.

Unravelling the Fine Print

Beware the illusion of purchasing a comprehensive exhibition stand, only to discover later that your ownership is restricted to a fraction of the display, subjecting you to ongoing hiring costs. The reality is that superlative quality and impeccable finishes demand a corresponding investment. Opting for the cheapest quote necessitates a thorough comprehension of the underlying reasons for its inexpensiveness vis-à-vis the competition.

Prioritise poring over the fine print, grasping the implications of modifications and variations down the line, and comprehending the components of your trade show booth that will be under your ownership versus those that remain in the domain of the exhibition company.

Accreditation Matters

A pivotal factor to consider is the exhibition stand contractor’s acquisition of accreditations and memberships within the events industry. Look for affiliations with esteemed bodies like IEAA (International Association of Exhibitions and Events) or ESSA (Events Supplier and Services Association). These affiliations offer a degree of assurance regarding the quality, service, and financial integrity of the contractor.

Customer Testimonials

Gaining insights from current and former customers stands as a potent means of assessing an exhibition stand contractor’s performance. While evaluating these testimonials, delve into aspects such as quality, finishes, customer service (particularly in the face of unforeseen challenges), and instances of cost fluctuations during the contract period. Probe into the contractor’s responsiveness to modifications and their adaptability in implementing last-minute alterations. Were they successful in meeting deadlines, and did their service align with customer expectations from design to installation?

Demand as Indicator

Determining the demand for a given exhibition stand builder can be a swift endeavour with modest research. Builders whose services are sought-after should exhibit a consistent influx of projects from new and returning clients. They should be capable of showcasing this information, offering a glimpse into their design portfolio and their clientele. An exceptional stand builder should showcase designs spanning diverse industries, each tailored to the branding, services, and products of the client.

A cursory perusal of their online portfolio or brochure should unveil whether the builder recycles standardised designs or crafts each stand as a bespoke masterpiece, reflecting the unique requirements of individual clients.

In the intricate landscape of exhibition and event companies, selecting the ideal exhibition stand builder necessitates strategic discernment. By prioritising factors such as in-house craftsmanship, true value beyond price, industry accreditation, customer insights, and market demand, you are poised to secure a partner capable of transforming your vision into an awe-inspiring reality. Remember, the quest for the perfect exhibition stand is not merely an endeavour but a step towards elevating your brand’s presence and impact on the global stage.

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