Paytiko’s Dubai Office Launch

Paytiko’s Dubai Office Launch

In 2023, Paytiko announced its expansion to Dubai as part of the company’s plans to boost the digital economy throughout the MENA region. The move has paved the way for new growth opportunities, including the development of top-notch technologies for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Middle East.

Opening a Dubai office has allowed Paytiko to expand its reach, enabling the company to better serve customers across the Middle East and surrounding regions, including Asian markets. The establishment of a Dubai office has spurred significant growth for Paytiko, with its physical presence in the MENA region enabling it to attract new clients, forge important partnerships and increase sales, ultimately enhancing Paytiko’s bottom line.

By establishing a Dubai office, Paytiko is better positioned to provide localised support to clients across the region, improving customer service and satisfaction. From the customer’s perspective, the opening of a regional office has enhanced support for MENA customers, providing customers across the Middle East with faster response times and more familiar support staff due to closer physical proximity. The company maintaining a local presence also provides customers with peace of mind and the reassurance that Paytiko is compliant with regional regulations. In addition, opening a Dubai office has also made it possible for Paytiko to partner with regional businesses, creating potential for integrated solutions to further enhance the customer experience.

Located at 306 Al Sharfar Tower 1 in Dubai’s iconic Barsha Heights district, Paytiko’s new Dubai office is situated next to Byblos Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Launched in February 2021 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Paytiko has expanded rapidly over the years, establishing itself as a global market leader in the digital payment arena. With more than 450 active clients, Paytiko’s payment platform facilitates UI customisation for merchants, supporting payments and payouts via Amex, JCB, Discover, UnionPay, Carte Bancaries, Diners Club and Verve, having integrated more than 100 payment providers in total.

Paytiko’s cashier solution has enabled digital merchants to evolve by allowing them to optimise their payment flows. Irrespective of industry, handling incoming payments from customers is a day-to-day necessity for any business. With the huge surge in online sales seen in recent years, merchants are seeking out payment systems that accurately and securely receive, catalogue and disperse funds via reliable processors. Likewise, customers are placing their spending power behind merchants who provide the most convenient and accessible payment options.

Paytiko’s automated, manageable and comprehensive payment aggregator interface enables it to deliver all of this and more. Through Paytiko and its next-generation technology, merchants can easily integrate with both local and global payment providers, including banks, wallets and Tier 1 PSPs. Paytiko’s innovative platform enables business customers to mitigate risks, improve visibility of transaction flows, comply with customer protection regulations and much more.

With headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, Paytiko was launched with the mission of creating a centralised, streamlined, simple to navigate payment management system, enabling businesses large and small to modernise their financial operations. Distinguished by a fixed monthly pricing system with no incurred commissions based on transaction attempts or volume, Paytiko’s services equip clients with everything they need to accept digital payments by connecting them with integrated payment service providers.

By eliminating the need for infrastructural and developmental investments and relieving merchants of the burden of payment-related mundane tasks, Paytiko empowers business owners to spend their time focussing on the needs of their enterprise, enabling them to scale their business and position it to achieve its true potential.

GDPR compliant and PCI DSS certified, Paytiko is fully transparent about how it handles client and customer information, undergoing regular scans and reassessments to verify that business practices remain PCI compliant. Paytiko’s complete, customisable and cumulative payment solution includes extensive support for clients through all facets of its services, including assistance via the dashboard and through a variety of other contact channels.

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