Top Money-Making Hacks: Earn More Than £400 A Year By Monetising Your Driveway

  • Driveways located near Premier League stadiums can earn £402.02 over the course of the Premier League football season
  • Driveways near Crystal Palace’s stadium are the most profitable in the league, earning an average of £36.14 on a matchday
  • Residents near Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa can stand to earn around £34 on matchday

Homeowners could score more than £400 every football season just by renting out their driveways, paving experts have found.

The data found homeowners who live near Premier League stadiums earn an average of £21.16 every matchday when they pocket the profit from their driveway. For all 19 home games in a football season, this potential profit totals to over £400.

The research by Simply Paving used Parkopedia to locate the price of private driveway spaces near Premier League football stadiums on matchday, with Crystal Palace fans enjoying the overall biggest paving payday.

Residents living near the Eagles’ stadium made more than £36 for every match by temporarily making their home a matchday parking option.

Homeowners near Spurs and Aston Villa can also enjoy similar profits, earning £34.30 and £34.24 for matchday parking, respectively.

Ranked By Most Profitable Premier League Club Average Price For Matchday*
#1 Crystal Palace £36.14
#2 Tottenham Hotspur £34.30
#3 Aston Villa £34.24
#4 Liverpool £28.30
#5 Manchester City £27.97
#6 West Ham United £25.94
#7 Arsenal £25.76
#8 Fulham £24.15
#9 Manchester United £21.89
#10 Chelsea £20.77
#11 Nottingham Forest £19.42
#12 Brighton £18.90
#13 Newcastle United £18.25
#14 Leeds United £17.36
#15 Southampton £14.79
#16 Wolves £14.22
#17 AFC Bournemouth £13.03
#18 Everton £11.94
#19 Brentford £11.04
#20 Leicester City £4.80

          *For three hours

A spokesperson at Simply Paving commented on the research: “With everyone tightening their belts during the cost of living crisis, finding a new revenue stream can really help alleviate any stress.

“As our research shows, renting out your driveway as a private parking space for the football season could provide a welcome source of income, potentially as much as £21 per matchday – or over £400 per season.

“So, when you’re weighing up what to do with the front of your home, it’s important to remember the potential profitability of installing a paved driveway.”

To find out more about the research, as well as how to spruce up your driveway, visit the Simply Paving website.

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