The Future of Technology in Schools

It seems like yesterday that going back to school involved collecting your textbooks for each class to carry around for another year. Today, textbooks are being partnered with tablets and laptops as a part of your educational essentials.

Although the addition of computers and mobile devices seem odd to those of yesteryear, the world is fast approaching a point where there will be no books in a classroom. The students as well as the teachers will eventually only have digital devices for educational purposes. And, the children are easily gravitating to the advance in technology. It has been determined that a six year old has the same technology communications understanding as a forty-five year old. While in the UK, the fourteen and fifteen year olds have the most tech-savvy knowledge.

More than four out of every ten homes, currently own a tablet. This easily displays how children are being exposed to computer technology on a daily basis. It is also why a child is computer literate, before they even start attending kindergarten. At the same time, there are kids that know how to work an iPad and have yet learned how to tie their shoes.

Now, technology is the primary tool for any classroom. There are five year olds that will be able to write codes, along with learning math, science and English. What has been discovered is that technology increases a student’s chances of learning and comprehending. The addition of images, videos, and endless sources maintain a child’s attention and actually helps prevent them from wandering, while in class. Another perk with technology advanced classrooms is being able to create and animate the lesson. When it comes to learning about various shapes and sizes, the actual objects on display are 3-D images that the teacher is able to rotate. This easily will make any classroom more enjoyable.

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