A Hiking Guide: England’s Most Popular Beach Walk Locations

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us into another national lockdown, hiking has become the go-to hobby for many of us. Although walking isn’t everyone’s preferred choice of activity, 2021 has left us no other option but to make some compromises with how we spend our time.

With this said, there are different types of hikes you can go on depending on what scenery you prefer to be surrounded by. Since many of us had to cancel or delay our holiday abroad in the sun this year, venturing on a beach walk in the UK is the next best thing. Here, we have collected data to find what England’s most popular beach walk locations are and what is so good about them.

1. Robin Hood’s Bay walk

Situated on the North Yorkshire coast, ‘Robin Hood’s Bay walk’ accounted for an average of 320 monthly searches between 1st November 2018 and 31st October 2020.

Robin Hood’s Bay presents an abundance of gorgeous walks to enjoy. The Maw Wyke, a six-mile-long walk along the north of Robin Hood’s Bay, includes a variety of cliffs, jagged rock coastlines, and epic waves.

If you’re looking for a more thrilling walk to embark on, the north cliffs at Robin Hood’s Bay passes Ness Point – this being the most easterly point of England that has a fascinating history behind its lifeboat service that ran from 1881 to 1931.

2. Lulworth Cove walk

Accounting for an average of 260 searches per month between the date range mentioned above, ‘Lulworth Cove walk’ is the second most searched for beach walk.

As for specific trails that are a hit with hikers, the Lulworth Cove and Fossil Forest’s 2.2 mile trail is ideal for the whole family. After embarking on a journey around the beautiful Cove, you’ll descend through the Fossil Forest – a place that contains many fascinating rock formations.

If you’re looking for a shorter walk to try, the Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door walk is a common favourite. Featuring a dramatic coastline, limestone cliffs, natural stone arches, and golden sand beaches, there is an overwhelming amount of scenery to see.

3. Severn Beach walk

Averaging at 260 searches per month within the date range given, ‘Severn Beach walk’ is the third most popular beach walk searched for in the UK.

Renowned for being one of the longest hiking trails in Britain, the Severn Way walk is ideal for keen hikers with a taste for beautiful landscapes and rural scenery. Stretching a lengthy 210 miles, the walk parallels the River Severn all the way from its source to the sea.

For an alternative 17-mile-long route around Severn Beach, the Jubilee Way stretches from Cotswolds to the River Severn. For those who seek adventure, this walking trail is ideal. From a stunning nature reserve to Woodwell Meadows and a breath-taking viewpoint at Aust Cliff, this trail entails something for all adventurers.

4. Druridge Bay walk

Google search results reveal that ‘Druridge Bay walk’ is also a popular choice, with this term accounting for an average search volume of 90 per month within the date range given.

Druridge Bay, located on the coast of Northumberland, is the perfect easy stroll for both people and your dogs to enjoy. One popular route is the ‘figure of eight’ route. Incorporating the beach, the country park, and two lakes, Druridge Bay is the perfect easy morning stroll the whole family can enjoy.

5. Lindisfarne walk

Accounting for an average of 90 monthly searches within the date range given, ‘Lindisfarne walk’ is a popular go-to for hiking fans.

Bursting with a splendid array of all the picturesque views Lindisfarne has to offer, this small island- commonly referred to as ‘Holy Island’ is situated just off the Northumberland coast. One of the most popular walks is the Holy Island foreshore walk via Lindisfarne Priory. This small and moderate walk from Chare Ends Visitors Car Park to Holy Island includes shorelines, the beach, rocky footpaths, and splendid views all within its 1.5-mile circular trail.

As for more coastal treks Holy Island has to offer, the northern beaches and castle walk is the perfect way to discover more of the beaches Lindisfarne has to offer.

Beach walks yet to be discovered

Other than the most popular beach walks, what are the most undiscovered ones? Despite Northumberland being the hotspot for sights including Hadrian’s Wall and Bamburgh Castle, data reveals some hidden gems in this area. The likes of ‘Blyth Beach’, ‘Berwick-upon-Tweed Beach’, and ‘Seahouses beach’ all account for low monthly search volumes.

Now that the COVID-19 restrictions put in place have left us no choice but to keep our distance from others, and we don’t have the option to book a night away in a cosy Blyth accommodation it is the perfect time to discover beach walks nearby and avoid the hustle and bustle.

Although the beaches we usually enjoy exploring are in the tropical climates of our favourite holiday destinations, make the most of your time at home and discover what the UK coastlines near you have to offer. Enjoy the relaxing sounds of the waves crashing against the shore.








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