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Keep School Safe with Solarplexius Sneeze Guards During Pandemic

 Keep School Safe with Solarplexius Sneeze Guards !!

The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to do things a little differently. One place where that is especially necessary, but also especially difficult, is school environments. Many schools have closed as a preventative measure or suffered outbreaks that forced them to shut down, perhaps due to low staff attendance. When teachers and staff get sick and cannot come to work, a school cannot function. That is how important your jobs are. When the pandemic began, we received requests to create transparent shields to help stop the spread.

We jumped at the opportunity to aid in the fight and are proud to say that we now offer an entire portfolio of stand-alone and hanging plexiglass barriers to shield against COVID-19. As of this writing, we have delivered shields to businesses and institutions of all types all over the continent. We believe that Solarplexius Sneeze Guard shields could greatly benefit your school by protecting those vital to its operations. You can easily install barriers in the administration offices and school front desk or erect them between food service staff and students. Place them on teachers’ desks for one-on-one student and parent meetings, and even use our shields to protect students from each other in situations that make distancing difficult for them.
The polycarbonate substance we use in our Sneeze Guard shields does not hinder communication. This substance is lighter and more durable than glass but maintains glass-like transparency. Therefore, the only thing our barriers will stop is the transmission of airborne particles that potentially carry deadly pathogens. We have made a special effort to ensure that Sneeze Guard shields are as easy to set up as possible so that anyone can do so quickly. You can put up our free-standing protection shields entirely without tools in a matter of minutes. The 12mm-thick base plate ensures that they always stand stoutly and safely, regardless of jostling children in the vicinity. After all, safety is the order of the day.

We know that every member of your staff is essential to the continued operation of your school. We sincerely hope that our Sneeze Guard shields give all the ability to stay safe by reducing the spread of COVID-19 infection at your facility. Please, contact us or visit our website to learn more about Sneeze Guard shields and how they can help you.
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