Moissanite And Diamond- How Do They Differ From Each Other

One thing to be aware of when buying moissanite is carat weight. Carat is a traditional measure used for diamonds. Moissanite, like raw material, is lighter than a diamond so it will not be the same size as the same carat weight. In fact, it will be great! If you see moissanite labeled with carat weights, check that the carat weight of the stone or its weight is equal to that of a diamond. But we know that is confusing. So using stone measurements in millimeters will give you a good reference to know exactly what you are getting.

What is the best looking setting for a moissanite engagement ring?

Before you fall in love with any of the old stone setting for your moissanite center, it is worth remembering that most of the ring settings on the market, and the matching wedding rings on the subject, are set with diamond sides, not moissanite. This could mean that your ring will look inconsistent, or your wedding rings and wedding rings will not match the luster or color, for example. It is best if you can match your middle stone with the same side stones and shiny so that everything looks cohesive.

But new colorless or almost colorless moissanite, like the one from the famous brands Charles and Colvard, will be closer to a colorless diamond. You will also want to make sure that your moissanite is well cut because from the side view it has a double reflective quality, which will make it look like your features are doubled.

Is it worth buying moissanite?

When you buy a natural diamond mined, you will usually be limited in what the cutters and retailers decide to put on the market. And this is usually determined by what is popular (because this is what they know they can sell). But what if you want a very specific stone shape or size? Yes, moissanite is good for getting what you want. In fact, these lab-created gems can be customized to fit almost any desire. So dream of the satisfaction of your heart.

Romance of Moissanite

What if there was a stone more than a sparkle, a spark and a diamond? Moissanite does that and more. Launched on Earth by a meteor, it has the same beauty that diamonds enjoy, but it burns even brighter with a higher glow. It does not simply go hand in hand with the beauty or firmness of a diamond, it just goes beyond it. The amazing beauty of its appearance, durability, and affordable price make it the perfect stone for any occasion.

Where did the Moissanites come from?

Well, for all my brides (and grooms) with starred eyes, you will love this cosmic origin story. The true, first Moissanite stones came from the stars.

Fifty thousand years ago a meteorite crashed on Earth in the depths of the Arizona desert, now known as the Diablo Crater. Pieces of meteorite are scattered southwest, leaving fragments of rock scattered throughout the arid desert. In 1893, while examining the fossils of this astronomical phenomenon, Henri Moissan discovered some glorious gems, now named after him.

The glittering stone adorned the earth and became a jewel to any mysterious dreamer.

Understandably, outdoor Moissanite is very valuable and is not available on the market. For that reason, the Moissanites being marketed as jewelry today are laboratory growing gems. Scientists are also developing the same minerals as the first stones to develop these gems, making them less expensive and becoming almost identical.

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