JUST DROPPED: ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH EP’ – View ‘Soundtrack 1’ Official Video: “Silent unknown – LOW” on YouTube

‘Silent unknown’ has released his much-anticipated debut EP ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’, a groundbreaking addition to the music landscape, alongside the official video for ‘Soundtrack 1’, “LOW”. This project marks ‘Silent unknown’s departure from established norms, as he ventures onto a path less travelled with admirable courage. “if you don’t stand up for what you believe in, What are you living for?” -Silent unknown.

A London dweller, ‘Silent unknown’ underwent a significant transformation, ultimately finding his true calling in ‘JESUS CHRIST’. His recent project redefines worship, with ‘Silent unknown’ personally overseeing its branding, production, publication, distribution, and editing, thereby challenging the music industry’s status quo. His approach to self-reliance as an artist is a testament to his sagacity, identifying him as a forward-thinking Congolese British national.

The EP consists of seven tracks and lasts around 21 minutes, with plans for two more music videos to be released on YouTube, including ‘Soundtrack 2’ “STRONG” and ‘Soundtrack 3’ “STORM”.

The opening video is aimed at those struggling with deep depression, offering a message of hope and endurance. The follow-up video is designed to bolster the spirits of the vulnerable, showcasing an unprecedented level of creativity and artistry.

The trilogy concludes with a transformative video, blending emotive lyrics with movie-quality visuals, documenting ‘Silent unknown’s metamorphosis, all thanks to his faith in ‘CHRIST’. “Turning my life around would never have been possible until I submitted my life to ‘CHRIST’.”

As ‘Silent unknown’ sets out to disrupt the music industry and upend traditional norms, he explains that ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’ symbolises worshipping ‘JESUS CHRIST’, the creator and sustainer of life, with heartfelt sincerity and authenticity, elevating it beyond music to the core of his existence.

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