Buying a property in Switzerland: Financial consequences

If you are reading these lines, you must have the desire to invest in a Swiss property. You’ve probably even already spotted the property you’ve been eyeing. And you are wondering if becoming a homeowner is really a good choice…

Renting or buying a property: very different situations

You should know that when you buy a property in Switzerland, the situation is more complicated than when you rent. Obvious… and yet: the financial consequences in Switzerland of such a change are as significant as complex to calculate.

Buying real estate in Switzerland: opt for expert solutions

To help you determine whether investing in real estate is worthwhile, FBKConseils has set up a program that allows you to calculate the impact of a real estate purchase on your finances as well as on the evolution of your finances in the short, medium and long term, according to all possible types of financing.

You’ve found the home of your dreams, or at least the one that is at the crossroads of your dreams… and your finances. If the property is coveted by other people, you must act quickly. But acting quickly should not mean acting blindly.

Beyond the posted price, do you really know all the costs that a real estate purchase will generate? If so, do you know how to deal with them and optimize them?

Buying a property in Switzerland: elements to take into consideration

  • How much equity is required? And if you don’t have it, what other solutions exist?
  • Is your current revenue sufficient? And if not, how can you get around the problem?
  • Which amortization will you opt for? Direct, indirect or mixed? What impact will this decision have on your finances?
  • What will be the long term impact of your choices on your taxes ?
  • What can you expect as a capital gain in the medium and long term and how can you integrate it into your calculations?

We are convinced that calculating the impact of a real estate purchase in Switzerland on your finances is crucial, but complex. Those who do not do so expose themselves to potential unpleasant surprises. Considering the amounts’ magnitude, when a surprise is bad, it is very… very bad.

The purpose of this service is to make you aware of all possible cases and their financial impact so that you can make an informed choice. In other words: no unpleasant surprises and total control of your finances.

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