New Partnership Announced by Sulim Malook Between Win Millions Lotto and Warren Boxing Management to Raise Funds for Boxing Charities

Sulim Malook, CEO of Win Millions Lotto, has announced a partnership between themselves and Warren Boxing Management (WBM) to raise funds for boxing related charities.

Lottery is a very popular way for charities to raise money. The British Olympic Team receive significant contributions from the UK National Lottery to support their athletes and fund training cycles.

This partnership will involve professional boxers, including those managed by WBM, promoting Win Millions Lotto to their followers on social media with a proportion of every lottery ticket sold being donated to boxing charities.

Boxing is a tough sport, arguably the toughest. But it is also widely recognised for improving physical fitness and mental health, instilling discipline, building confidence and fostering self-respect.

The core aim will be to support young people from disadvantaged areas by encouraging them to take up boxing and enjoy all the benefits the sport offers. Support will also be offered to up and coming professional boxers, both male and female, who are starting out in their careers.

Commenting on the announcement, Win Millions Lotto CEO, Sulim Malook, said,

“We look forward to working with WBM and the boxing charities they endorse. All charities need funding and many sport stars such as Tyson Fury and Marcus Rashford have gone above and beyond in their efforts to raise money and awareness for the causes they hold dear.”

He continued, “Our innovative plan means that boxers can use their social media for good. By including a referrer link on their page, they can encourage fans to support their chosen charities and give back to the sport they love. Donations will keep recurring for as long as their fans keep buying tickets, for weeks, months or even years.”

Commenting on the partnership, Sonny Warren said, “We are proud to be partnering with Win Millions Lotto. Boxing is without doubt the most physically challenging of all sports. But the confidence and sense of self worth it instils in participants is immense. By supporting local boxing charities and young professionals, we believe we can do a lot of good work and provide opportunities for young people in deprived and marginalised communities to enjoy all the positive benefits of the sport. Our stable of boxers are all very excited to be taking part in this project.”

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