Insights from ‘The AI Moment’ with Sachin Dev Duggal at Web Summit Qatar 2024

‘The AI Moment’ at the recent Web Summit Qatar offered a deep dive into AI’s transformative effects across sectors, led by moderator Julia Sieger from FRANCE 24. The discussion featured Mohamed Al-Hardan of the Qatar Investment Authority and’s Sachin Dev Duggal, who brought their expert perspectives to the fore.

Sachin Dev Duggal, leveraging his deep involvement with, reflected on AI’s historical trajectory, highlighting landmarks such as the introduction of Google’s BERT model ten years ago. He emphasised that the significant shift in 2022 was propelled not just by technological leaps but also by user-centric design enhancements that made AI more relatable and easier for the general populace to engage with.

Following the Qatar Investment Authority’s significant investment in’s Series D funding, Mohamed Al-Hardan discussed the strategic reasoning behind their backing. He praised for its efficiency in reducing the development timeline and its proactive stance towards AI, while also stressing the need for rigorous due diligence to ensure AI’s effective utilisation. Al-Hardan also noted the proactive measures of AI startups in tackling AI’s challenges and their zeal to be at the forefront of technological advancements.

The discourse on AI’s impact on the job market saw Duggal and Al-Hardan offering views that went beyond the typical concerns of job obsolescence. Sachin Duggal envisioned a future where individuals are recognised for their creativity rather than their capacity for repetitive work, thus altering traditional employment paradigms. Al-Hardan concurred, highlighting the necessity of lifelong learning to adapt to the evolving AI-centric environment.

In discussing AI governance, the speakers addressed the complex ethical and regulatory landscape surrounding AI’s growth. Al-Hardan warned of the risks associated with excessive regulation potentially stifling innovation, calling for a collaborative effort between regulators and technologists to close the understanding gap between these vital groups.

The session ended with a shared emphasis on the urgent need for educational reforms to equip the upcoming generation for the challenges and opportunities of an AI-centric future. Sachin Dev Duggal highlighted the critical role of human-centric skills such as creativity and adaptability in educational programs, ensuring their versatility in various contexts.

The session, enriched by the insights of Sachin and Al-Hardan, explored the human, ethical, and responsibility dimensions in the age of AI, underscoring the need for a focus on human-centric AI innovation.

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