A Guide to Choosing PHP Web Development Companies

PHP is a popular language for server-side scripting. It is not just the most popular scripting language among businesses seeking web development, but the companies interested in PHP development also choose it for its remarkable qualities. 77.5 % of websites globally use PHP for backend development.

If you’re considering custom PHP web development, ensure you take assistance from the top PHP development company. Before the final trial, various companies must be tested and checked on different parameters. So let’s check the pointers you should consider for eCommerce web development.

  • Knowledge of PHP Frameworks

PHP has flourished in this technological era due to its adaptability. New updates are released in PHP technology from time to time embedded with the latest features, making it more competitive. You can hire PHP developer and examine their understanding of the various PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Zend, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and Yii. Each PHP framework is made to fulfill the development requirements of a specific project.

  • Testimonials and Reviews

Customer experience with a particular development company is directly reflected in testimonials. Ensure that you thoroughly read the testimonial available on the company’s website. When searching for PHP web development services, look if prior clients have left praising feedback. In this way, you can discover how compatible the organization is in providing PHP development services to its customers.

  • Expertise in Your Field

Various PHP website development companies provide PHP development services, but it is not necessary that they have prior experience in your industry. You can find this by either checking their portfolio or asking them personally.

There’s a catch: it might be possible that you admire the company in all aspects except their experience in your industry. You can avail services from such companies but ensure they must have worked on several PHP projects. 

  • Evaluate Their Website And Portfolio

Explore the website of the PHP web development company and their portfolio before selecting. You can get a better idea about their capabilities by viewing their website and portfolio. It will assist you in gaining insights into their ideals, professionalism, and strategy. 

Their website will have all the relevant and verified information about their services. The ideal way to know about something is to check its source. 

  • Communication

Before finalizing any company, ensure that you do not have any barriers related to linguistics and comprehension. It is necessary for the smooth and timely completion of the project. 

Ensure that you are clear with your project objectives, goals, and requisites. A fluent conversation is necessary for an agile development approach. The development process goes without any snags with real-time and regular communication. 

As we have said earlier, selecting a reliable development firm is not easy, especially when you have access to a plethora of options. Don’t panic; we have listed the top 5 PHP development companies, amongst which you can pick the one that best understands your project needs. 

Top 5 PHP Development Companies

CSSChopper is a recognized custom PHP web development company. The firm has over 12 years of experience in offering world-class development services. They have a best-in-class infrastructure and technological expertise with an extensive team of professionals. Their experts are capable of building anything, beginning from accessible PHP-based websites to complex web solutions. The company also provides excellent PHP website development services tailored to each client’s needs.

CSSChopper developers possess the required expertise to offer unique and customized technological solutions to SMEs, startups, and large-scale businesses. They’ve provided their services to several renowned companies, including Fortune 500 companies. The company has acquired various honors and is featured on recognized websites such as YourStory, Clutch, GoodFirms, etc.

Location New York, USA
Founded In 2009
No. of employees 250-999
Clutch review 4.9
Hourly Rate <$25/ hr


  • BusyMachines

BusyMachines is a software development company specializing in creating entire software solutions for enterprises in the digital market. They have the technical know-how to oversee all phases of software development and produce scalable solutions based exclusively on open-source software.

They provide a free two-week trial sprint. This is a terrific chance to try out their services risk-free. They are confident that you would never want to work with anybody else once you start working with them. If you enjoy it, they’ll keep working. If not, you are free to go, and due to their NDA, no one will know they worked with you.

Location Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founded In 2012
No. of employees 10-49
Clutch review  4.6
Hourly Rate $50-$99/ hr


  • Huboxt

Huboxt is a collection of self-described geeks who have turned their passion into a business. They are proficient in designing, developing, and marketing products that assist their personnel in adapting to a rapidly changing environment. For them, it’s not just a job; it’s a way of life!

They offer full-cycle custom software development with top-notch management, clear business goals, a senior technical staff, and on-time delivery. Product Development, UX/UI Design, Web and Mobile Development, Cloud, and DevOps are their many offerings.

Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Founded In 2019
No. of Employees 2-9
Clutch Review 4.9
Hourly Rate $25-$49/ hr


  • Algoseed

Algoseed Labs is a Montreal-based web and mobile application development company. They offer world-class solutions to every customer at every stage of the process, from design to development, leveraging trend and market analysis and a/b testing to give the most intuitive experience while maintaining the highest level of security. They work in various industries, from small businesses to multinational organizations.

Their dedicated team of programmers, designers, testers, and analysts use the latest cutting-edge tools and technology. They’re always learning and contributing to pushing the limits of what’s possible and providing documentation and continuing assistance.

Location Montréal, Canada
Founded In 2020
No. of Employees 10-49
Clutch Review 4.9 
Hourly Rate $50-$99/ hr


  • The Big Byte

The company Big Byte focuses on digitization. Their primary goal is to combine your business expertise with their digitalization expertise to develop the best custom software possible. They simplify the concept of digitalization and aid people in fulfilling their digital potential. Putting people first, adopting a growth mindset, and streamlining the process bring them immense joy.

Location Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Founded In 2020
No. of Employees 2-9
Clutch Review 4.5
Hourly Rate $50-$99


Summing It Up!!

Choose a PHP web development company as versatile as the PHP scripting language. Professional PHP developers familiar with all related technologies and the most modern PHP frameworks should be on the team.

Remember that you’re not hiring a PHP web development company to immediately get a website up and running immediately. Your goal is to receive customized web solutions to help your website stand out. This implies engaging PHP specialists passionate about providing end-to-end PHP development services customized to your needs. So, when looking for a PHP development company for your business, keep the points listed above in mind.

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