Brother of the airport shooter blames the government for the Fort Lauderdale attack

Bryan Santiago wants to know why the U.S. officials would permit his brother, Esteban Santiago to continue to have his weapon when they knew he’d turned out to be progressively nervous and was listening to voices.

“The FBI failed there. We’re not talking about someone who emerged from anonymity to do something like this. The federal government already knew about this for months, they had been evaluating him for a while, but they didn’t do anything”, Bryan Santiago said when noting columnists’ inquiries outside his family’s home in Penueleas, Puerto Rico.

Santiago said his sibling was carrying on very different, when he came back from Iraq. Bryan Santiago said that when he went to Alaska to visit his sibling, last August. He said Esteban let him know he was listening to voices and felt they were following him. “He sometimes couldn’t control his anger. You could tell something had changed”, said Bryan.

Prevailing voices in Alaska have safeguarded their associations with Esteban Santiago. FBI Special Agent in Charge, Marlin Ritzman said Santiago infringed upon no laws when he strolled into the Anchorage FBI office “making incoherent remarks about mind control.” He portrayed Santiago as a “stroll in protest,” which he said workplaces around the nation get every day.

Police Chief Chris Tolley said, Anchorage police were called to the workplace by the office and told that Santiago had “terroristic thoughts”. They believed he was being impacted by the Islamic State terrorists and they took him to a location for mental health. Santiago had left a weapon in his vehicle when he went to the FBI office with his infant kid. Police held the firearm until Santiago was discharged and reached him about getting the gun, which he did on 8th of December, said Tolley. Officials would not affirm whether he utilized the same gun for the shooting. “There is speculation that it is the same gun. I have not received confirmation that it, in fact, is that gun,” said Tolley.

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