Forex Fury Review (Best Forex EA NOW)

Are you looking for a forex EA that offers real-time automated results? Do you want a low-risk trading strategy? No matter what your situation is, Forex Fury is an incredible option for all your forex trading needs.

Many traders consider Forex Fury the future of automated trading. It is currently the best forex expert advisor (EA) on the market. What’s more, nothing else comes close!

The Forex Fury continues to gain popularity in the automated trading world. After all, it offers tons of trader-friendly features, such as a New Filter, various time frame settings, automatic GMT, and many more.

If you are new to Forex Fury, this post is for you. We are excited to show you why it is the best forex EA in 2021. So, let’s get started!

What Exactly Forex Fury Is

Forex Fury is an automated EA that has compatibility with MT5, MT4, FIFO, NFA, and other popular platforms.

Unlike other available robots out there, we find Forex Fury outstanding with regards to settings. The developers offer the traders tried and tested settings without any additional fee.

We have discovered that the robot is effectively working in a low-risk trading environment. In fact, it has a 20% or even lower drawdown. Do you know what does it mean? It is beneficial for traders who have limited market knowledge, especially the newbies.

The EA robot has an incredible set of features that can handle all our online trading. Using this robot, you have a fantastic opportunity to secure a profitable trading and get the important trading facility of multiple pairs. It operates under volatile market conditions.

The AI-powered EA utilizes the most advanced algorithms with situation’s 360 view while reducing any investment risk. Plus, it saves you from the hurdles of looking at all profitable online trading intricacies.

What Sets Forex Fury Apart From Other EA Robots

No doubt, Forex Fury is the top in EA in the market. It comes with impressive features, credibility, and many people are now using it for their trading needs.

Below are some of the highlights of this forex robot:

  • You can install the EA robot on ECN account types.
  • You can set the advisors informatively and conveniently, which allows you to respond to the market conditions in an instant and adjust the EA accordingly.
  • The downloadable file comes with a user manual for detailed settings with attached descriptions for each methodology.

Now, let’s proceed to its interesting set of features:

Time-restricted Strategy

With Forex Fury, you can take advantage of the classic time-restricted strategy. Meaning it works seamlessly with an M15 time frame. Since it can handle many different pairs with no difficulties, you have a perfect chance to diversify your investments. By doing so, you can reduce risks, especially if you have limited initial investment. Interesting, right?

Money Management Strategy

The EA robot comes with a built-in money management strategy. The added perk ensures that you will have a sustainable performance and long-term growth.

The robot provides beginners and experienced traders a great opportunity to trade in a low-risk environment. This means you can expect substantial returns with the need to risk your investment.

MT4 and MT5 Compatibility

Another interesting thing about this EA robot is that it works well with all MT4 and MT5 brokers. Meaning, if you are a present-day trader, you have the freedom to trade on your desired platform while maintaining consistency with your unique trading strategies.

Proven Settings

A team of innovative and experienced traders is behind the Forex Fury development. These developers have invested tons of time, effort, and resources in creating and refining this useful EA robot. It has proven settings that work efficiently for lots of traders.


The robot’s adaptability is one of the reasons why we love Forex Fury. The developers designed the software with result-driven and user-friendly settings. Not only that, but we were also able to do some experimentation with our trading approaches but utilizing its customization feature.

The flexibility and the ability to work with multiple platforms are other things that set this robot apart from the rest of the competition.

Different Filters and Multiple Currency Pairs Suitability

Using the multiple filters, the robot allows you to get maximum protection from unfavorable trading market conditions.

Some forex EAs only work on a single currency pair. So, it’s nice to know that Forex Fury works efficiently on different currency pairs.

Forex Fury Settings

Beware that having a specific setting is essential once you run the multiple settings on every demo accounts. The good news is that you have simple and highly beneficial settings for the EA.

If you are clueless about which settings to have, you can take our settings as an example.

Set TP at 5

We recommend setting the TP in the options at 5. By doing so, the trading profit at 5 will result in exciting and risk-free profits on your regular trading.

Set SL at 55

Some traders recommend setting SL at 40 since they benefit from it. However, you can experiment with SL at 55. It is essential that your selling loss is higher than the TP. That way, you can maximize the opportunity to stay in a good deal while getting the most out of the potential gain.

Set to Range Trading

The range trading strategy works efficiently for us. It is interesting to know that this EA robot is specially designed to help us get the most from short-term trading. That is why is it would be an advantage for you to set the setting to range trading.

Set to One Set Per Day

If you choose the One Set Per Day option, you can make the EA robot use its full capacity on a single pair for trading. That way, rest assured that you will have a minimal trading risk while enhancing your good financial gain opportunities.


The Forex Fury is an incredible and reliable EA robot. Whether you a newbie or experienced trading, you can gain lots of trading opportunities. Plus, all the features are helpful and easy to use.

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