Reach Your Audience by Advertising on Facebook

Most marketing experts would point to advertising on Facebook as a good use of their marketing budget for brands that are just starting in the marketplace and want to expand their reach. Why does one type of social media lead all the others in the opportunities it presents for advertisers?

To start with, Facebook is the oldest and largest social media platform in the world. It has almost 3 billion users worldwide as of 2022. In Malaysia alone, the platform has over 23 million active users. With such a large number of users, the platform offers brands their best shot at finding the perfect audience for their products and services.

Effective Targetting

The second reason to choose Facebook advertising is that the platform offers the best targeting tools to take better advantage of this vast number of users. Facebook allows advertisers to target their audience by age, gender, buying habits, region, likes, and many more criteria that allow a brand to hone in and design adds that appeal to their specific group of customers.

You can design an ad that appeals to young female football lovers in Penang or older Honda Civic-owning men in Kuala Lumpur and be sure of reaching that specific demographic.

Years of Relevant Data

One of the reasons why the targeting is so effective on Facebook as opposed to other social media platforms is because their database is so much deeper. The data you’ll be accessing using the targeting feature of the platform represents over 17 years of data available to advertisers. The sheer amount and quality of the data are why the targeting is so precise and detailed.

By targeting your advertising by region, you can also build a customer base by engaging in an ongoing conversation with these local customers. The beauty of social media is that it creates a community of like-minded people. Targetting and engaging with the perfect audience means you can stay in touch with them and focus your advertising on satisfying their needs.

Stretch Your Marketing Budget

The third reason new brands choose Facebook as an advertising platform is because it offers so much value for money. Facebook is the number two digital marketing platform in the world behind Google Ads. But Facebook is the platform of choice for brands that need to keep a close rein on marketing expenses and stretch their budget wherever they can.

Facebook offers lower costs per ad for ads that don’t need to reach a worldwide or even national audience. The ability to reach a local target audience inexpensively has proven the value of the platform to advertisers.

Work with Experienced Marketers

To get all you can out of the features of Facebook ads, you need to partner with an experienced digital marketing company. Primal is an award-winning digital marketing that can help brands put the power of Facebook marketing to work for them. Contact Primal to learn more about the benefits of advertising on Facebook.

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