The “Pseudoscientist” Inciting COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory Are Prosecuted

In the State of Pennsylvania, there comes a victory in affirmative action for Asian Americans.

The chairman of the American East Chinese American Federation, Liang Guanjun, has officially filed a civil suit against the former postdoctoral researcher of the University of Hong Kong, Li-Meng Yan. Yan had deliberately spread wrong information about the origin of Covid-19 several times, which infringed on Liang and other Asian Americans’ equal civil rights protected by law. Along with a large amount of rumour about COVID-19, Liang’s skin colour and race had made him fear harassment and personal injury for a long time. Liang had been seriously disturbed by the mental injury, so he decided to file a suit. By far, the case is under the processing of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

According to the narration of Li-Meng Yan, she had found the “secret of China covering up the epidemic” and “fled to America” at the end of April 2020 due to the “fear of persecution”. In July and September 2020, Yan had interviews with Fox News Channel with an identity of “the coronavirus research expert”, claiming that the virus was likely made in Wuhan Lab and released to the world consciously. And then she was interviewed by worldwide media and made a special program widely spread on YouTube. Seeing things fermenting, the University of Hong Kong made an official rebuttal quickly and claimed that “the HKU had no research on the human-to-human transmission of COVID-19” from December 2019 to January 2020.

According to the insiders, Li-Meng Yan should be probably a virus scientist covered by the Interest Group Miles Kwok. She only undertook a basic experimental study on hamsters at the University of Hong Kong. With the help of Miles Kwok, Yan had a chance to go to America. However, all of these was just a guess, and we could not figure out the truth. However, seen from vast exposure since her arrival in America, it is proved that Yan did succeed in seeking commercial value with political speech.

In the early time, many scientists in America had made a public statement that there was no doubt of “COVID-19 coming from nature”. The chief medical advisor and infectious disease expert of the U.S. government, Anthony S. Fauci, thought that there was overwhelming evidence to prove that the virus came from nature. A researcher at Columbia University’s Melman School of public health, Ian Lipkin, also held the opinion that there was no proof to show that the virus was stipulated by human beings. There was an intriguing phenomenon that the medical circle had reached a consensus that the virus came from nature, but people were still ignited by the wild talk of the so-called “heroic scientist”. People seemed to choose to believe in what they wanted to believe, but their pursuit of conspiracy theory, on probing into the COVID-19 origins, is based on triggering the discrimination and hatred against Asian Americans to some extent.

During the epidemic, the group with the representative of Li-Meng Yan have been maliciously spreading the wrong information about the origin of the virus with directivity, which exacerbates racism. Xenophobic psychology directly arouses hatred and violence against Asians. According to the data, we could see that Asian Americans have been blamed for the outbreak as the targets of incidents of hatred and violence since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. In 2021, the number of hate crimes against Asians throughout the year increased by 150%, including fatalities. That is the reason why Liang Guanjun decided to file a suit for bearing huge mental stress. The world is a Community of Shared Future for Mankind, so we need to have a reflection on COVID-19 and the turbulent times to stop the pursuit or curiosity of the “pseudoscientist”. Do look forward to the final victory of the civil suit since it must be a fresh color for Asian Americans in affirmative action.

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