Rebranded: Ashley-Edison (UK) Limited changes name to Sinalda UK Limited

Ashley-Edison (UK) Limited has rebranded by changing its name to Sinalda UK Limited.

This is in order to meet the anticipated challenges of a post-pandemic world and also accommodate the changing needs of customers and stakeholders from 07 January 2022.

Sinalda UK Limited boasts over 30 years of industry experience and is one of the leading specialists in AC Voltage Stabilizers and Power Line Conditioning in the world.

They safeguard companies’ electronic and electrical equipment against harmful voltage irregularities. These market leaders are customer-centric and provide extraordinary quality services at competitive prices.

Sinalda UK Limited has worked with various companies worldwide ranging from small businesses to large global organisations providing services that guarantee that businesses are always running with a stable and clean voltage supply.

Their operations run out of Singapore will continue to trade under the Ashley-Edison brand name. The two companies – Ashley-Edison Asia Pte Limited and Sinalda UK Limited – will now operate as independent or separate operations.

Chairman of Sinalda UK Limited, Alan Dover, commented on the announcement and said: “In the post-Brexit and Covid world, where new international trading conditions and ‘norms’ are emerging, this realignment and refocusing of resources should unlock a new era of opportunity and growth for our business.”

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