The 6-Tool Stack for Starting a Digital Media Agency

So, you want to build your own digital media agency? In today’s world, these kinds of businesses can flounder or flourish based on their talent pool, but there are some basic tools you’ll need to improve productivity, collaboration, and drive new clients your way. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the most important tools a digital media agency might need to succeed in 2021. 

Remember that the backbone of your company will be its people, including your customers, so don’t forget about that when you’re riding to the top. Companies that value both employees and customers tend to perform better than those that think of people as just another asset. 

Here’s our six-tool stack for starting a digital media agency. 

1. Website Builders Like Wix

If you’re working with digital media, you’re going to need a website. In fact, it’s probably not an overstatement to say that any modern business needs to have a good website. The website can serve as not only a portfolio, one-stop-shop, and communication hub between your business and its clients, but it’s also the landing page for your business for new customers/leads. An attractive, functional website has the advantage of attracting new users and keeping them engaged, which can turn them into paying customers. 

If you’re building a digital media agency, you should have developers and web designers on hand, but let’s say you don’t. Maybe you’re just creating graphics, writing copy, or creating digital artwork. If you don’t have a web designer on hand, we’d definitely suggest hiring one. You simply can’t get the same results from a website builder, but, on the off chance that you don’t have the ability to hire a web designer, sites like Wix offer a good substitute. 

Wix is just one of many website builders that are both free and easy to use. Wix’s easy interface allows you to create a stunning professional website in minutes, and you can even buy your domain and fully customize your website with expert advice through Wix’s services. This is a great place to start.

2. Business Conferencing Services

Communication between team members and the business and its clients will form the cornerstone of those relationships. In order to facilitate good communication in the COVID era, you’ll need a business phone service or digital conferencing tool. The ability to quickly and securely host meetings, conference calls, and update clients will be crucial during projects. You’ll likely be hosting plenty of internal meetings regarding project details as well, so you need a service that can facilitate the entire team and any new clients.

Services like Zoom have seen a massive increase in users since COVID began. You can use digital conferencing services as an alternative to traditional business phone plans, but many new businesses prefer the simplicity of a phone plan. Plus, you get your own business phone number that way. 

3. ZipRecruiter For Talent

A digital media agency flourishes or fails on the back of its talent. With a good talent pool, the agency can reach new heights. In order to find the right talent for your company, you need something more than just your average, everyday recruiting website. Cue ZipRecruiter—the web’s premier talent acquisition tool. ZipRecruiter uses AI to match your position requirements with the most qualified candidates, so you can spend less time sifting through applications and more time recruiting talented team members. 

ZipRecruiter allows you to search by keywords, industry, location, and more. While there are hundreds of talent acquisition tools on the web, ZipRecruiter is generally considered as one of the best. 

4. A Password Manager

A password manager is your startup’s best (and most affordable) cybersecurity tool, and something you shouldn’t underestimate. With the number of cybercrimes up nearly 400% since the pandemic began last year, protecting your business’s data is now a matter of life and death. A simple data breach, even in a digital media agency, can potentially cripple or destroy a small business. Even enterprise-level organizations aren’t immune to the dangers of data breaches and poor password security. 

A good password manager costs only a few dollars per month, and offers next-level protection for your passwords and sensitive files. Your passwords are stored on the encrypted cloud, safe from hacker’s prying eyes. With autofill features, password audits, and so much more, you simply can’t do without a password manager as a business in 2021. 

Some of the best password managers on the market today include LastPass, Keeper, and Dashlane. You can learn more about password managers and their features here

5. Cloud Storage Like Dropbox/Google Drive

Cloud storage is a necessity for digital media, especially collaborative projects. Google Drive is the industry standard, but there are other cloud storage applications that can be used to store, share, and collaborate on files and projects. No more sharing files via zip drives, thumb drives, or email chains. This is both slow and sometimes dangerous, as files can be lost, misplaced, or even stolen.

Google Drive offers up to 15GB of free storage to start with, and DropBox offers 2. Each offers a business-class solution as well, but for the average startup, the individual package is enough. A Google account is free, and Google Drive can be used right away. 

6. Productivity Software Like Asana

Asana is a productivity platform that can take your team to the next level. When you’re collaborating on projects, you need a platform where you can share information, links, get project updates, and even interact with your clients. Asana fills that need in style, with an easy-to-use interface and all the productivity tools you could ever need. 

Best of all, Asana is an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. When your business needs organization, you need Asana. 


Starting a digital media agency is an exciting prospect, but without the right talent pool and tools for the job, you might not get as far as you’d like. Check out these six tools before you start throwing money into your business, and best of luck!

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