The real cost of missed calls for your business

In today’s world, being connected is a part of everyday life. With smartphones, 4G and internet access at the tip of our fingers, it has become almost expected to constantly be available. So, when it comes to a missed call from a customer, the damage this can for business might be greater than first expected.

Despite the digital age of emails and social media, the telephone still remains a strong method of communication when it comes to business. Customers still expect to be able to reach you by phone, so when it comes to missed calls, they can be more costly than you think.

Don’t underestimate the telephone

Telephone calls might lack the modern-day appeal of emailing and social media, but they’re still an important communication tool when it comes to customers. A phone call allows you to connect with your customers on a personal level, proving genuine human interaction.

Unlike other forms of communications, phone calls allow you to take care of business on the spot. Speaking with customers on the phone allows you to take care of business there and then rather than going back and forth waiting for a response with, for example, email.

Missed calls equal missed revenue

An obvious downside to missing calls is the cost of sales lost for your business. Though a missed call here and there might seem to have a low impact, they add up. For example, say you miss three calls a week, that amounts to 156 potential lost sales per year.

In fact, research has shown that 90% of SMEs in the UK lose £90m in sales due to missed calls. You might be under the impression that customers will simply call back, however that is not the case. Unanswered calls can potentially lead to customers switching to competitors and taking their business elsewhere.

Business reputation on the line

It’s not just the loss of revenue – missed calls can damage your business reputation too. A missed call can leave some customers feeling frustrated and undervalued, leading to a negative customer service experience.

When customer calls are missed, it starts to have an impact on your ability to deliver effective customer service. Word of mouth travels fast – 96% of unhappy customers will complain to 15 people about your business.

What can you do about it?

Thankfully, there are ways you can make missed calls a thing of the past. If you find your business is missing calls, then it could be a staffing issue. If you have the budget, then hiring more staff who are dedicated to answering phone lines could help to ease the pressure.

However, while hiring staff might be the easiest solution, it’s not always the most affordable. With the power of technology, services such as call forwarding or cheap call answering. These services allow missed calls to become a thing of the past, avoid the nuisance of voicemail and most importantly, connect your customers to a real live person.

Remember, phone calls are an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss!

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