Think Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Know about Your Risky Behavior, Think Again

Those pictures of you skydiving and wheeling your motorcycle look cool on Instagram, but mean you’re also leaving behind a digital footprint. The more data you put out into the world, the more data there is to be used during the insurance risk assessment process. Did you know that your insurance needs are constantly changing based on what you post to social media and other consumer behaviors?

Lê Nguyễn, Marketing Manager at Insurance Technology  Zelros says, “Today’s insurance companies are able to leverage data across from a variety of sources, including lifestyle changes via social media, medical records and more to look at consumer behaviors to personalize their insurance recommendations. For example, if you’re engaging in extreme hobbies like rock climbing, motocross, BASE jumping or something equally exciting, it can put you in a higher risk category that impacts your insurance coverage.”

Current advances in the insurance industry means that your insurer can now holistically look across the data to produce a more precise policy recommendation tailored to your specific lifestyle.

Lê goes on to say, “With this deeper level of insights available to the insurance industry, insurers are now in the best position to proactively help prevent loss and protect their clients.”

Founded in 2016 by Christophe Bourguignat and Damien Philippon, Zelros is using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to help insurers provide policyholders with the right coverage for their needs in real-time with personalized policy recommendations.

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