Top 5 online consulting business ideas

The business consulting service is a type of business that is all about providing professional guidance to clients’ problems to improve their performance. Consultants are experts in a given field who work as advisors to individuals or business institutions. As opposed to earlier days, with the advent of complex technologies, the intensity of a given situation is high, hence the relevance of consulting solutions.

If you have specific skills that you can offer to businesses to help them achieve a specific milestone or accelerate their business growth, starting a consultancy business could be right for you.

Here are some online consulting business ideas you can consider to start your online consultancy business or give your consultancy a competitive advantage.

Business management consultancy

Business management consultancy is all about offering strategic and objective advisory services to assist a business in enhancing productivity.

It covers strategic and operational planning, resource and financial management, profit planning, administration activities, employee training, leadership management, and more. This business idea is great for consultants with a passion for quality business analysis and project management.

Career consultancy

Another growing consultancy service is the career consultancy service. It is associated with analyzing client needs, preparing resumes, cover letters, offering coaching on attending interviews, assisting in job hunts, and more.

Career consulting is not just helpful when desperately searching for a job. Clients can start leveraging the consultant service of career coaches during graduation or after completing it. A career consultant can also help clients when changing careers. In addition, the consultants assess the clients’ background, skills, and experience to identify new career options.

Retirement and financial consultancy

Most people don’t start saving money for retirement until it’s too late. Instead, a financial and retirement consultant can help clients invest their money wisely to retire peacefully. Consultants working in this niche will guide their clients through the decision-making process so that they understand the available options and challenges of each. It allows clients to make an informed decision and pick the most suitable choice to secure their future.

Legal consultancy

Legal consultancy services is another popular business idea that revolves around handling an individual’s or an organization’s legal aspects. Legal aspects can include registrations, licenses, contracts, agreements, insurance, sales, taxes, and more.

Legal consultants offer expertise in matters like securities, employment, structural organization, and governmental compliance. In short, legal consultancy services help clients manage and identify legal risks, be it personal or professional.

Human resources consultancy

Another topmost consultation business idea is to run a human resource consultancy service covering everything related to human resources, including national and international recruitment, cross-industry recruitment, and more.

HR consultants are professionals hired from outside of a company who are tasked with meeting HR-related requirements. One significant thing to consider is whether your human resource consultancy service will focus on a specialized niche of human resources or choose to follow a generalized route. The best way is to align with what your target market is seeking when deciding to focus on a generalist approach or a specialized one.

Marketing consultancy

Marketing consultancy service is another consultancy idea that is ideal for new and small businesses. Marketing consultancy services include performance research, brand development, analytics, strategic planning, audience management, offline and online marketing, and more.

Such services allow businesses to establish and follow a well-planned strategic approach backed with extensive research and a data-based framework. Additionally, marketing consultants offer the ability to integrate the unique branding strategy and create a detailed marketing plan.

Healthcare consultancy

Healthcare or medical consultancy services offer business-related solutions for healthcare providers or medical institutions. Medical consultants work in all facets of the medical industry, from hospitals to healthcare insurance organizations.

While some healthcare organizations hire medical consultants to handle operations, finance, HR, etc., some are employed to provide assistance to care providers to enhance business efficiency related to patient care. Medical consultancy services also involve offering expert advice to new medication approval.

Accounting consultancy

Accounting consultancy services are associated with evaluating the risks and assets of organizations and tracking the investments, accounting data, managing balance sheets, tallying profit and loss, performing internal and general audits. Basically, accounting consultants deal with financial data to make important business decisions.

These services demand a strong foundation in financial controls and the accounting process to provide custom services to clients. Accountancy consultants also assist companies regarding the legal regulations in identifying challenging areas and avoiding potential future difficulties.

Risk management consultancy

Risk management consultants generally find, analyse, and manage risks associated with business operations. The risks can range anywhere from financial, compliance, processes, or even technology-related.

The service is associated with improving internal control and corporate frameworks to tackle the hazards and explore the opportunities that come with the risks.

The overall aim of risk management consultancy services is to oversee the risks to assure minimal loss to the organization and execute other compliance functions for the business process to move smoothly.

Setting up an online consultation platform

Now that we have explored some of the main business consultation ideas let’s jump into the most important part. To run your consultancy services online, you need a platform that facilitates easy communication with your clients. To set up your online consultation platform, you can use online software for consultation and management like Pinlearn.

It comes with all important functionalities like video conferencing, live chat, screen sharing, online appointment scheduling, consultation book, payment management, and so much more. Essentially, it’s a software that allows you to set up your consultation platform in simple steps and facilitate a seamless connection between your consultancy business and clients.


Setting up and launching your own online consultancy business is a huge step that needs careful planning and consideration. With the right expertise and experience, you can grow your online consultancy business. For that, make it a practice to constantly review your business functions and processes to make necessary modifications and adjustments.

Having an online consulting platform will also help you simplify the processes, communicate with your clients effortlessly, capture leads, and create branding to build a strong presence in the industry.

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