Underrated marketing tactics that could spur your start-up’s growth

Congratulations! You’ve courageously taken the plunge and launched your own business. You’ve recognised that even in moments of uncertainty, there are still plenty of opportunities waiting for the brave and the bold. But how do you stand out from the crowd? How can you get your customers to love the fruits of your labour just as much as you do?

Like all successful relationships, the first step is in getting to know each other, so it’s crucial to understand your target market. With that being said, you’ve made it this far, so, hopefully, you’ll already have a sound awareness of what your potential customers require. The next step is to get them to know and love you and what you’re providing.

Webinar Meetings

We’re all social creatures who like to know about each other and our stories. Organising a webinar is a great way to introduce yourself and your company to potential customers, answer questions and glean vital feedback on how your product is working for them. They help to put a human face on the products you are providing. This can foster an emotional attachment to your brand, which may mean they keep coming back to your company.

Product Presentation

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but, if we’re completely honest, most of us still do. Awesome products deserve amazing packaging solutions so investing in the right presentation is an absolute must if you want customers to show an interest in your product. The importance of this cannot be underestimated.


These fun, visual tools are great for conveying chunks of information in an easy to digest way. This is crucial at a time when most of us are busy and often bombarded with endless content. They can also add a bit of personality to your product with the use of carefully chosen images. Templates are available online to help you get started and here’s an Infographic example which comes with great reviews.

Print materials

Whoever said that print was dead? They lied! Print is still an exceptional way to market a new business; not only is it still very much alive, it’s the most powerful way to connect your company with your target audience. Duplo International provides sustainable, high precision, automated print finishing technology that will really boost your business.

Online Contests

Using social media to host free contests is a great way to engage with your customers in a fun, congenial way. Prizes don’t have to be super expensive but, if done right, the interest generated will make the initial outlay more than worth your while. Contests of this kind will work best when the participants are encouraged to share stories or design materials that directly relate to your company. In doing so, you are helping people to form bonds with your business.

There are many strategies employed in marketing and this blog has covered a few contenders that are often underrated. But these particular ones are centred on brand identity and customer relations, both of which are vital to the success of any start-up.

They also leave scope for oodles of creativity in how they are approached, meaning that the only limit is your imagination. In the competitive world of today, successful marketing tactics will often be the deciding factor of a successful business.

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