Using a Temporary Building to Extend Your Loading Areas

Having a functional loading bay in your warehouse increases efficiency and reduces the damage of customer goods. Unfortunately, many warehouse managers do not take it seriously enough to have one. They consider it a difficult task to build a sheltered loading bay when making a warehouse especially if the space is limited.

But temporary structures from reputable manufacturers can make a perfect extension for any warehouse without the need for any extra space. As the owner or the manager of the warehouse, you need to make the right decision when considering this option.

Types of Temporary Warehouse Loading Bays

Many people prefer the stand-alone temporary loading bays since they are flexible and can be moved if the business moves to another location and rents a different warehouse. According to experts like Smart Space, who are the leading temporary structure solutions provider in the UK, stand-alone loading bays can be made easily onsite so that they can be customized as much as possible in regard to space and preference. But there are also modular loading bays that are already prefabricated in a factory and ready for installation when the client orders.

The other option is the attached loading bays that are connected to the warehouse. Since they use semi-permanent materials such as metal bars and sheets, they are more durable. They are an excellent option when one is operating a permanent warehouse with no likelihood of relocating.

Common Materials Used for Temporary Loading Bays

The type of material to be used depends on the type of loading bay that you want. The experts are flexible and willing to consider your needs first. When choosing your loading bay materials, consider the following options.

  •       Frames – Stainless steel is common since it is strong and durable. Aluminum is used when the structures need to be moved since it is light.
  •       Roof and walls – First, it is worth noting that walls are not necessary for ease of operations. But if you prefer them, they can be added. Mostly, the roof and walls are made of canvas materials. But metal sheets and PVC panels are also becoming popular these days.

Benefits of Temporary Loading Bays

If you choose Smart-Space experts, you will definitely enjoy numerous benefits. They are flexible and customer focused on top of being experienced professionals in temporary structures for over 30 years. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you choose such experts.

  •       Fast installation – As we all know, time is money. Professionals already know this, and they ensure that you have your order processed very fast. But the fact that these are temporary structures makes the work even easier. All they need is to visit the site, assess it, and prepare and assemble the temporary loading bay of your choice.
  •       Enhanced efficiency – After installing temporary loading canopies in your warehouse, you will start to notice enhanced efficiency in your operations. Imagine a situation where you still load goods without having to worry about bad weather such as snowfall, rain, or scorching sun. Isn’t it a good thing?
  •       Flexibility – Temporary loading bays and canopies are flexible enough to provide convenience when you need them moved. If they are not attached to the main warehouse and are made of temporary materials such as canvas, then they can be moved within the business grounds and used for other things.
  •       Cost-effective – Using temporary loading canopies is very affordable even for small businesses. Actually, temporary solutions in general are very affordable. Therefore, you should feel comfortable ordering any of these from a reliable expert today.
  •       Satisfied clients – If you want your customers to be happy, then ensure that their goods are handled professionally at all times. With loading canopies, then you are assured of proper handling of all your clients’ goods.

Considerations When Choosing Temporary Loading Bays

As a warehouse owner or manager, make sure that what you are choosing will serve you well and for a long time. First, only consider using a professional temporary solution provider with a great reputation. Also, check how much they charge to be sure that you are getting value for your money. If not, you should consider others. However, reputable providers have the best temporary loading canopies that you can rely on.

Final Word

Well, getting temporary loading canopies for your warehouse is an excellent thing but only when you get the best. The ideal way to ensure this is by following the tips that we have shared above. Now, your business is ready to experience these benefits.


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