Well Known Fashion Brand Continue With Skyrocketing Success

In a fast-paced fashion world, when it comes to jewellery sales and accessories, there are not many brands able to compete with the likes of CWC.

The ever-growing women’s fashion and apparel brand have once again proven their ability to grow and thrive even throughout the current challenging economic conditions.

From 2020 and beyond, the business circumstances in the global fashion industry have been suboptimal at best. However, by deep-diving into online sales strategies and consumer behaviour psychology, CWC has grown its sales numbers threefold while some companies had to fight for survival.

One of the key online sales tactics used by CWC to generate phenomenal growth during this time is its solid and relentless content creation strategy. To put the content strategy in context and understand the depth and skill CWC displays, taking a look at this article made for people looking to increase their luck and fortune through jewellery offers perspective. Furthermore, during the past few years, the company has released dozens of high-quality pieces that provide immense value to potential customers worldwide.

What’s more, all jewels sold by CWC are born at the base of tradition. All are rooted in a unique, ancient culture and inspired by unique creations of renowned artisans from around the world.

“We are passionate about making the world’s finest and most durable jewellery. And this passion is shared by the people who we love most-our customers.”

The reasons for CWC’s dominant online success lie in the global realities and regional differences present in women’s lifestyles. It is known that women worldwide are craving more unique, individualized, and independent jewellery that they can wear not only on special occasions but on a daily basis as well.

Therefore, the company’s latest women’s jewellery expansion features jewellery that matches the tastes and wants of consumers from all regions around the globe.

“We are passionate about making the world’s finest and most durable jewellery. And this passion is shared by the people who we love most-our customers,” Madeline Carr, Head of Creative Operations at CWC, explains. “We’ve created a suite of contemporary pieces in gold, silver, and natural stone, that customers from any location can wear.”

The new collections included in the online expansion are exclusive and one-of-a-kind that meets all the requirements of today’s luxury fashion customers worldwide. A large portion of the pieces was created by female artisans from many countries and many different cultures.


A Strategic Shift In Sales Blueprint

When it comes to the most used sales tactics, paid (PPC) and email marketing have and continue to dominate. However, while the mainstream went one way, CWC steered in another direction. Following the footsteps of some of the most successful eCommerce companies like ASOS, CWC also aims to create a positive brand image by surfacing their corporate responsibility and sustainable actions across their online presence channels.


To recap some of the sales shifts that have led to the enormous growth during recent years:

– Relocating from traditional methods like PPC and email to transparency and corporate responsibility-driven approach.

– Taking concrete actions toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly earth – and clearly showing the measures to the consumer.

– Wielding and executing a substantial content creation strategy with well-thought-out text and imaging that offer real value to the readers and potential customers.

The company aims to solidify and expand its online presence and pave the way to creating a shopping environment where consumers feel genuinely comfortable and welcoming. Furthermore, by being transparent and taking concrete action toward sustainability and an eco-friendly future, CWC sets the standard for many eCommerce companies looking to operate in the 21st century.


About CWC

Classy Women Collection (CWC) is an affordable fashion company in the women’s jewellery and accessories industry. At CWC, women aren’t just customers; they are family and deserve the best. Since its establishment in 2017, Classy Women Collection has launched hundreds of products ranging from anklets to bracelets, including a new necklace collection with 500 different styles and looks. It operates side-by-side with its counterpart Classy Men Collection. As a result, CWC and CMC form a unique organization accommodating women’s and men’s fashion needs around the globe.


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