Trace One to Launch Audit-Driven QMS

Trace One, a world leader in bringing together top-tier global retailers and manufacturers, has announced that it will launch its own QMS (Quality Management System). With a strong focus on audit support, the new QMS will be part of the company’s larger suite of brand solutions, which aims to give a “360-degree view” to its customers,.

A simplified audit process

“The goal of our QMS will be to help manufacturers,” states Charlotte Le Coz, Product Marketing Manager at Trace One, who wants above all to “help simplify the audit process.” Today, many customers still rely on email and Excel spreadsheets to manage their quality audits, despite such audits becoming increasingly complex.

Trace One’s QMS will support a variety of different types of audits, including both supplier and internal audits, the latter being essential to manufacturers’ continuous improvement projects. Whether internal or external, Trace One’s QMS will smooth-out many of the critical aspects of regular, mandatory audits.

Any successful audit begins with a robust planning phase, in which it is determined where and by whom the audit is to be carried out, as well as the specific aspects for the process to be audited. Key audit areas typically include specification review, process compliance, adherence to best practices, and employee training, among others. Le Coz notes that planning for audits can be deceptively complex, and Trace One’s solution can be integral to this phase. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Once an audit is conducted, the next stage of the project begins.  Le Coz continues, “With each audit, we find a large number of non-conformities, which require the mobilization of significant resources to correct them. You have to decide on a closing date, and find solutions depending on the seriousness of these non-conformities. One aim of our QMS will be to ensure that corrective actions are focused and don’t drag on too long.  We also help manufacturers to set optimal corrective action objectives.”

Audits: a continuous improvement tool for all stakeholders

Trace One decided to launch its QMS solution because the audit is “an essential continuous improvement tool applicable to any and every business process of a company.” As to its own supporting role in the success of major brands around the world, Trace One describes itself as “a global network facilitator” aimed at maximum collaboration between retailers, manufacturers and their suppliers. Effective audits are also a positive communication tool that evokes trust and fosters enduring professional relationships.

“Auditing is now designed as a tool to help suppliers move forward,” says Le Coz. “There is a spirit of collaboration between the different business parties to create a network that functions more effectively.” It is in this collaborative spirit that Trace One has positioned its QMS, made possible by integration into its larger suite of popular support solutions already in use by retailers and manufacturers alike.

“Auditing is a powerful new component in our Trace One suite,” Le Coz continues. “Audits are a part of daily life for our clients. Mission critical data can now be shared across all our solutions, which gives our customers 360-degree insights into their products and portfolio.” In conclusion, she notes: “We see the need for robust audits every day. And now with the ongoing Covid-19 health crisis, there is also a growing need for technologies that will simplify our lives”.

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