Comparison of the different Control Systems Available to Hospitals

Once a hospital has decided that it wants to utilise blinds there are a wide range of control systems that are available to choose from. From cordless control to solar control the different operating systems make blinds perfect for the different needs throughout a hospital environment. This article shall explore some of the control systems that are available and the specific benefits that each bring.

SV System Cordless Slider

The SV System from Morley Glass and Glazing offers a cordless slider which is a manually operated Venetian blind that comes with a designed magnetic slider allowing the blinds to be effortlessly lowered and tilted. Cordless control is an excellent safe choice for hospitals particuarly for wards that are for vulnerable patients or children . The SV system does not detract from the aesthetic look of the blinds as it is placed discreetly on the side of the blinds therefore the hospital can maintain its sleek professional look.

W Smart Solar Control System

The W Smart system offers a solar control system that occurs via a battery operated, motorised blind system. This type of control system boasts long-life rechargeable batteries and an eco-friendly option to users as it removes the need to frequently manually open blinds or spend time replacing batteries. A further benefit of the W Smart solar control system is that the modern stylish remote is easy to use and can be placed in either a horizontal or vertical position on the sliding doors. This style of control system can allow patients to operate their window blinds from the comfort of their bed and it also helps to save energy for hospitals.

S System Slider

Moray and Glass offer a manual blind operation system specifically for pleated integral blinds in the form of the S System Slider. This is a magnetic handle that you can attach onto bifold doors when you want the blind to be moved up or down. Bifolding doors can be found in different areas of a hospital so this control system is perfect for providing privacy and removing the chance of the blind getting trapped in the door. The advantage of this operation system is that the handle can be removed when not in use, therefore, it does not affect the aesthetic look of your bi-folding doors. Each door can also be operated with the same handle which makes the S System slider simple to use on bifold doors.

MB System Motorised Brushless

A motorised blind system for Venetian or Pleated blinds, the MB System by Morley Glass offers a significant improvement on previous electrical systems thanks to the brushless motor.  The MB system offers medical staff and patient  control at their fingertips in the form of a unique control box that allows blinds to be simultaneously opened or shut as well as the accurate tilting of slats.

SV + Symmetrical Slider

Morley and Glass have perfected a SV+ Symmetrical slider which allows users to achieve aesthetically symmetrical blinds making it a great option for bi-folding doors within hospital environments.  The control system works through a magnetic slider which is placed on either the right or left hand side of the glass, while the narrow adhesive transport profile is responsible for maintaining the linear movement of the slider. The cordless control mechanism coupled with the antibacterial finish makes it a safe and hygienic option for hospitals and ensures that germs and viruses will not be spread throughout the building.

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