Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın: Advancing Spinal Care Through Innovative Microdiscectomy and Spinal Stenosis Surgeries

Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın is spearheading advancements in spinal healthcare, delivering premier medical expertise and pioneering back pain solutions through his extensive surgical background and committed approach to spinal care.

With a notable history of over 2800 aneurysm and more than 400 AVM surgeries to his credit, Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın is recognized for his bespoke approach to patient treatment, emphasizing patient well-being and satisfaction throughout their recovery process.

The Aydın Method in Spinal Surgery

The Aydın Method in Spinal Surgery, developed by Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın, is a significant milestone in spinal surgical practices, offering precise treatments for spinal stenosis and spinal cord compression without relying on metallic implants, thus minimizing tissue trauma. This method entails outpatient solutions for disc herniations, non-surgical treatments for cervical disc herniation, and effective remedies for spinal canal stenosis caused by cervical calcification.

Adopting a unilateral strategy for bilateral decompression in cases of spinal stenosis, Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın has successfully applied this method in more than 4,000 cases over the last 23 years. “Our goal is to preserve the natural structure and mobility of the spine while providing more room to squeezed spinal nerves,” he clarifies. He notes the commonality of spinal stenosis among the elderly and the prevalent surgical preference for instrumented techniques, which entail extensive, invasive operations, thus prolonging the patient’s return to normalcy. He advocates for shorter, less invasive surgeries for seniors to reduce post-operative complications, emphasizing the critical importance of immediate mobility following surgery.

“By using a unilateral approach, on the symptomatic side, we can decompress the spinal canal stenosis and clean disc herniations effectively, minimizing the risk of ‘Adjacent Segment Disease’ and ensuring a faster return to normal life for our patients.” This technique also accommodates the treatment of multi-level stenosis via a single incision, without compromising the structural resilience of the spine.

Crafting a Natural Passage on the Spinal Flank

In addressing spinal stenosis, Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın leverages a novel technique that circumvents the limitations associated with conventional screw and rod systems. While these traditional methods prove effective for traumatic fractures or spinal anomalies due to tumour growth, they can alter the spine’s biomechanics, potentially leading to additional surgeries.

With the experience gained from over 10,000 surgeries, Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın’s technique entails creating a natural passage on one side of the spine to conduct essential surgeries without impairing spinal stability. This approach ensures the preservation of joint movement and eliminates the risk of adjacent segment disease, with the majority of patients being discharged within a day of their spinal operation.

Promoting Quick Recovery with Less Invasive Techniques

“The key to successful spinal surgery lies in respecting the integrity of the spine’s supporting structures,” Prof. Dr. Yunus Aydın emphasizes. Utilizing state-of-the-art surgical tools such as the high-speed drill and Kairison bone cutter, these surgeries can be performed in a manner that is less invasive, limits blood loss, and improves outcomes. Furthermore, by preserving the yellow ligament in microdiscectomy, the procedure reduces tissue damage, thus lowering the risk of nerve adhesions and the occurrence of failed back surgery syndrome.

Patients undergoing these cutting-edge spinal surgeries can anticipate significantly reduced lengths of hospital stays, with many being discharged on the same day or the day after the surgery. Nearly all patients return to their daily routines within 15 days, showcasing the minimally invasive nature of these surgical practices.

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