Which Foods Trigger Migraine And How To Overcome This?

Migraine is difficult to bear, and if you people have been suffering from migraine, you need to point out the trigger reasons. Have you ever checked the diet routine? You need to figure out the exact reasons for migraines because your brain changes activity. It will affect the blood vessels and nerve signals as well. Many reasons cause migraines, like medicine that can bring hormones and sleep. Our diet plays an important part, and here we will share the foods that will trigger the migraine level. Have a look

Alcohol Intake

Are you one of those who have been taking alcohol for a long time? Excessive consumption of alcohol would trigger migraine. There are certain compounds in alcohol that increase the level of headaches. Red wines contain a higher amount of tannins harmful to mental health. You all need to leave alcohol consumption. It can cause dehydration which can contribute to the headache as well. Excessive alcohol intake is dangerous for health and affects mental health. Alcohol addiction treatment centers provide recovery plans to help you get rid of this abuse. If you want to live a sober life, reduce your alcohol intake. Get yourself treated under the supervision of experts.


For people prone to migraines, you need to skip coffee intake. Caffeine can help you stop migraine attacks, but too much caffeine would increase headaches. Sometimes caffeine withdrawal causes migraine or headaches. Limited caffeinated beverages are sufficient but having excessive consumption is bad. It will have a pain relieving effect. Consumption of a small amount is bearable during an attack. 

Processed Meat

Hot dogs and sausages would trigger migraine, and if you people are consuming too much processed meat, it will affect your health. Processed meat contains preservatives called sodium nitrate and additives, which cause headaches. Processed foods release nitric oxide into the blood, dilating blood vessels in the brain. 

MSG foods

Do you know MSG foods are bad for your health? It is directly linked to obesity and contributes to migraines. These headaches are triggered because of these foods. People trying to avoid these foods need to quit Chinese foods and packaged foods. Make sure you are not taking these foods because foods with tomatoes and cheeses would have ingredients that can trigger a severe headache. 

Pickled foods

Make sure you people haven’t opted for pickled and fermented foods because it will trigger the highest migraine level. These foods have high amounts of tyramine because it has pickles, kimchi, and pickled okra. Avoid these foods as much as you can.

Frozen foods

Frozen foods do not help treat migraines such as ice cream or slushes because they can trigger severe pain in the head—people who are experiencing headaches that become migraine attacks by gulping cold food after exercising and overheating.

How to Ease Migraine Pain?

Rest in a Dark room

People with migraine would have sensitivity to light and sound, making headaches worse. These pains would cause severe pain. It will help to maintain sleep-wake cycles. Headache pain gets worse in the light, so rest in the dark and quiet room. Let me add one thing here: not all headaches would get better to sleep. The chemicals released in the brain during sleep would ease the pain, and people sensitive to sound would block it out.

Apply Warm Or Cold Compress To Head

Place warm or cold compress across the forehead of the neck. It distracts the brain from headaches, and you would have a calming feeling. If you people want to protect the skin, keep a cloth between the skin and the ice pack. Make sure there is no chemical leakage because it will harm your eyes. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you have a migraine, keep yourself hydrated because dehydration would shorten the length of the migraine attack. People who don’t like the taste of the water should try out the detox water with a lemon slice because it will change the water taste to make you feel better. 

Massage Temples

Massage can help to ease muscles, and it will give relief. People with severe pain are sensitive to massage and can even worsen the pain. If you are one of those, discuss this with the doctor. You can divert your attention to everyday activities such as brushing hair or resting on a pillow.


Practice mindfulness meditation to treat anxiety and help out in the management of migraine. People who have migraines should try out meditation, which can help people to manage stress by focusing on their condition. Practice mindfulness meditation to overcome this. 

Smell Lavender

The scent of lavender will have a calming effect and relieve  Lavender essential oil that improves stress, anxiety and depression. The use of lavender oil would help to treat migraine attacks. Inhaling lavender oil for 15 minutes would help in the great reduction of headache.


Don’t overlook the exercise, and if you don’t exercise, it may make the pain worse. Exercise helps to reduce the number of attacks. Make sure you have taken out the 15-20 minutes of exercise to see the positive outcome, and apart from this, if you have severe migraine, go for the exercise. 

These are the foods and tips to overcome migraine triggers. If you people are not following the right things, you may have destroyed your health. These home remedies and lifestyle changes would help to ease the pain. Talk to a doctor and see the changes in the migraine treatment plan. 

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