Spain is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, and for a good reason! This lovely Mediterranean country on the Iberian Peninsula provides a wide range of activities, from relaxing on the beaches to leisurely hikes through the picturesque countryside to ancient and modern landmarks erected by great Spanish builders and artists. Imagine Moorish architecture, Spanish Renaissance masterpieces, and eccentric modern art, and Spain will have something to pique your interest around every corner.

You will always and forever find a reason to go to Spain! It’s a great nation to explore, especially with all of the best sites around the country, including the charming beaches and beautiful areas in Northern Spain that are too beautiful to miss. With so many alternatives to explore, people often overlook Spain’s hidden beauties, which is why we’ve composed a list of the top five locations to visit in Spain. So, let’s get started:

  1. The Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada in Spain, not to be mistaken with the region of the same name in the United States, is a mountainous region that includes Spain’s highest peak, the Mulhacén. If you appreciate all things snow-related, don’t miss a vacation to one of the area’s numerous ski resorts, where you can go skiing and snowboarding and stay in picturesque ski chalets. Also, not to be missed is the Sierra Nevada National Park, which encompasses the region and allows visitors to enjoy the great outdoors while learning about the indigenous flora and wildlife of this snowy nook of Spain.

  1. Santiago de Compostela

This city is in the semi-autonomous province of Galicia, situated in the northwest of Spain, and the main appeal here is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Town. The city is well-known as a major pilgrimage site for Christians, having been a historic location during the conflict between different religious factions in the past. Old Town is home to the magnificent Santiago Cathedral, which has two beautifully carved towers. Visitors may also meander down winding alleyways in search of tasty tapas or local handmade goods, and the region is noted for being painstakingly and artistically repaired and kept, giving you the feeling of genuinely being taken back into old times.

  1. The City of Toledo

Toledo, located to the south of Madrid, has a lengthy and convoluted history due to the existence of so many foreign elements, which has contributed to it being known as the ‘City of the Three Cultures’ due to the city’s Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities coexisting. The major cathedral in Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the Gothic and Baroque styles in the 13th century. Toledo’s historical centre is well worth visiting, with a rabbit warren of alleyways leading you on a maze-like adventure where you can search out tiny cafés and bistros as well as local arts and crafts businesses.

  1. San Sebastian

This lovely city on the Basque coast is a must-see for foodies. The pintxo – a Basque variant of tapas that generally comprises delectable morsels balancing on crusty bread – is the local gourmet calling card, and the Old Town taverns spread theirs out on the bar tables so you can view everything on offer. Concha Beach is a lovely shell-shaped beach popular with families, while adjacent Zurriola Beach is excellent for surfing.

  1. Granada

Granada is recognised for its role in mediaeval history, notably during the Moorish period, and many travellers rush to the region to view the huge and beautiful Alhambra palace. The structure, constructed by a sultan in the 11th century, also served as a fort. There is much to see, including typical Moorish architecture and a bit of history on Spain’s many phases of conquest. Aside from Arabic architecture, you may also visit traditional Catholic monasteries like Monasterio de la Cartuja or simply stroll through the meandering and picturesque cobblestone alleyways. Keep an eye out for local street art and graffiti, common in Granada and reflect the city’s creative and often political spirit.


Spain is a fantastic place for tourists seeking a European vacation, and while the most well-known attractions are well-known for a reason, the country is also rich with hidden gems. So, we compiled a list showcasing the best of all worlds, from bustling metropolises to quiet mountain towns. All you have to do now is pack your bags, obtain a Schengen Visa, get to know the US citizens travel to Spain requirements, and off you go to your dream vacation spot.

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