How to Supercharge Your At-Home Cardio Weight Loss Routine

Are you having trouble achieving your weight loss goals with cardio alone? If the answer is yes, then the problem could lie in your diet. After all, exercise and diet go hand in hand. For instance, if your cardio routine is consistent and you feel as though you’re eating less, you still might not have your calories in check.

Furthermore, where a lot of dieters go wrong is by overdoing their calorie reductions. In the fitness realm, math is one of your best friends. Once you get your calories, meal size, and macros/micros in check, things become a lot easier.

Yet, on the flip side, it’s certainly not easy to make drastic changes to your diet in an effort to lose weight, nor is it a good idea, which brings us to the first key point.

Make Gradual Dietary Changes, Not Drastic

When you gradually limit your calories and make changes to your diet, you’re a lot less likely to upset your digestive system. For example, if you go from eating foods filled with unhealthy oils to a strict raw vegan diet overnight, there’s a big chance that you’ll experience an unpleasant reaction.

The key is to remove certain ingredients from your diet, such as high-fructose corn syrup and unhealthy oils, and gradually replace them with healthier choices. Additionally, it’s wise to choose replacements that have fewer calories.

By following this step, you not only make your diet healthier, but you lower your calories at the same time. As a result, it’s a win-win for your fitness and weight loss goals.

Choose the Most Effective Cardio Equipment

Not all cardio equipment was created equal. If you’re still an able-bodied young individual with a clean bill of health, then it’s wise to consider home cardio equipment that burns more calories in less time.

When you choose equipment of this nature, you’re more likely to hit your cardio and calorie-burning goals for the day even when you’re short on time. Plus, when you do have more time and energy on your hands, you’ll burn more calories for the day.

To demonstrate, think of it this way, if you do thirty minutes on an air bike compared to a recumbent, you’re going to burn a lot more calories on the air bike. According to Diamond Cut Six Pack, Air Bike HIIT training is the ultimate calorie burner.

By choosing an air bike over other exercise bikes, you put your money into a piece of equipment that burns more calories, pushes you as hard as you want, and helps you to achieve your weight loss goals faster. Plus, if you do happen to put on a few lbs later over the holidays, that air bike is going to make it easier to shed those lbs again.

Add Safe & Effective Supplements When You Need Them

Firstly, supplements are not mandatory when your diet and exercise routine are in check. In fact, they should only be used as supplements when you absolutely need them, and this is why they’re called “supplements.”

One of the biggest mistakes that people who want to lose weight make is to rely on a supplement to lose weight without putting the work into developing a proper diet & fitness regimen.

Consequently, it’s wise to see what supplements will help you the most after your diet and fitness schedule are already in check. For example, are you having trouble with food cravings at night? Perhaps you have a sweet tooth that’s hard to tame even after your diet is in check.

Once you identify your weaknesses, then it’s time to choose the supplements that are geared to help you the most. For example, nighttime fat burners are good for people who want to boost their metabolism at night and ward off food cravings.

The key here is to avoid choosing supplements before you know what you need. Because if you do, there’a good chance that you’ll end up pouring money down the drain or being seduced by the advertising for a supplement that might not help you.

Consider Adding Yoga & Deep Breathing Exercises to Your Routine

Weight loss and achieving a good shape aren’t only about cardio and diet. Yes, those two things are the most important, but it’s important not to forget about the positive effects yoga can have on weight loss.

Yoga for weight loss is nothing new, and deep breathing exercises are the perfect complement to yoga. Once you engage in both together, you’ll more than likely notice the immediate positive impact it has on your mood and energy.

Now, combine those positive effects with the ones you’re already experiencing from proper diet  & cardio, and you’ve got a supercharged weight loss routine that’s going to get you in better shape faster.

Keep Track of Everything to Draw Accurate Conclusions

While this last point may seem tedious, it’s going to give you the information you need to stay on track. Any serious bodybuilder or gym professional will tell you that it’s essential to track everything, including your calories and minutes.

Your best bet is to keep track of your calories burned, minutes on your cardio machine, calorie intake, and the foods you eat. Once you compile enough information, you’ll be able to see exactly what works the best for you.

Then, once you’re able to draw conclusions, it makes staying on track and seeing what might have derailed your progress easier. Two of the easiest ways to track your stats are with an app or just right in your phone connected to your cloud storage. In reality, it’s best to keep your tracking simple so you stay with it instead of overcomplicating it.

Closing Thoughts

If one thing is for sure, there’s no easy way to lose weight on autopilot. The thing everyone on a weight loss journey needs before anything else is motivation. Once you get that motivation, then it’s time to follow the tips in this article to get the most out of your routine.

Getting and seeing positive results is the best way to stay motivated. Since initial motivation is enough to get started, those positive results are mandatory to keep your motivation alive.

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