Plates4Gifts Rolls Out Just Before Christmas – Excelling in Personalised Opulent Gifts

In preparation for the festive season, Plates4Less has introduced a comprehensive Gift Hub, serving those interested in private number plates as gifts. This hub comprises a search guide, a buyer’s guide, a guide for gift recipients, an FAQ, and a festive guide. The private number plate industry has seen a substantial 30% growth in the last five years, with 40% of Plates4Less customers now choosing to gift these plates. Plates4Less provides an accessible and complete service for those in search of impactful, lasting gifts, ideal for the Christmas shopping spree.

With the festive season fast approaching, Plates4Less unveils their Plates4Gifts Guide. This guide simplifies the shopping process, aiding those who wish to discreetly find and buy the ideal number plate gift.

The preference for Private Plates as gifts is growing in the UK, with 40% of Plates4Less’s customers now opting for number plates as special gifts.

Plates4Less offers a complimentary, downloadable certificate, suitable for extremely last-minute gifts. For those ordering in advance, there is a presentation pack upgrade, featuring the certificate in a ribbon-tied folder, with next-working-day delivery for orders made before 2pm.

Personalised Plates Increasingly Popular

Antony Clark, Marketing Manager at Plates4Less, comments on the growing trend for personalised number plates.

He stated: “We’ve seen a 30% increase in private plate demand over the last five years. As vehicles become more costly yet remain more reliable, many are choosing new plates over new cars.

“Private plates are in demand for their unique touch, allowing people to customise their vehicles. Our clients often want plates for easier vehicle identification or for better security against theft.”

Antony Clark, a number plate authority, notes that many private plates are now chosen as gifts.

He disclosed: “Around 40% of our customers are now buying private number plates as gifts.”

The Charm of Number Plates as Gifts

Antony commented: “Gifts that are both thoughtful and luxurious are highly sought-after, and private plates are a perfect example. They are particularly suitable for those hard to buy for.”

Private Plates are long-lasting gifts, transferable across vehicles, and may increase in value.

“As interest in travel and experience gifts wanes, our clients are turning towards more tangible presents. The act of selecting and purchasing a private number plate itself is a rewarding experience,” Antony added.

Selecting a Private Plate for Someone

To address the increased interest, Plates4Less has launched the Plates4Gifts Hub, designed to support customers throughout their purchase journey.

Antony stated: “Our aim is to empower customers in their independent searches, offering guidance and support as needed.”

The approach, detailed in the Plates4Gifts Hub Search Guide, starts with a basic concept like a name or initials, then broadens with other elements like significant numbers or dates.

Expert Guidance

  1. Develop and Review a Shortlist
    • Create a selection of plate options, seeking feedback from the recipient’s friends or family. If the gift isn’t intended to be a surprise, involve the recipient in the choice.
  2. If Investment Value is a Priority
    • For gifts with investment potential, choose options with broader appeal, such as names over initials, or plates with simple or repeating numbers.
  3. Purchase Now for Future Gifting
    • Unique registration marks can be bought from Plates4Less for later gifting, even if the recipient doesn’t currently have a vehicle.

Plates4Less, part of VRM Swansea, is a foremost agency in the UK for private number plate transactions, boasting over 67 million registrations and a sophisticated search engine. Since its founding in 1997, the company has earned extensive praise on Trustpilot.

Despite its name, Plates4Less was involved in the UK’s most expensive private plate sale in 2022, which amounted to over £600,000.

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