First Lady Michelle Obama is to thank for the ‘Yes We Can’ slogan

On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama said goodbye to the country in the same city that he started his mission for the administration, with the three words that propelled it. In Chicago, his well-known three words were, “Yes, we can.” He continued with “Yes, we did. Yes, we can.”

The expression, along with “change we can believe in,” “fired up” and “hope”, is among the most permanent mottos the president utilized to pass on his political message amid the most recent decade. “Yes we can” characterized his most celebrated 2008 talks in New Hampshire and in Chicago’s Grant Park, and was droned at political arouses across the country. It showed up on crusade publications and enlivened a melody and big name stuffed music video by craftsman

What’s more, similar to a portion of the country’s most venerated word courses of action, it nearly didn’t occur. Obama at first thought the practically expressive phrase was “corny.” Michelle persuaded him otherwise. Axelrod, Obama’s media campaign consultant at the time, had composed it, as the last line of Obama’s initial 30-second senate ad. The words “Yes We Can.” In the promotion, Obama says, “Now they say we can’t change Washington. I’m Barack Obama, I’m running for the United States Senate and I approve this message to say, ‘Yes We Can!” Obama taped the advertisement at the home of a neighbor. When he read the words out loud amid the main take, Obama “wrinkled his face and expressed a concern.”

“Is that too corny?”

Michelle Obama, who had an hour of extra time and had come to watch her Obama film the main advertisement, listened from a staircase as Axelrod clarified his method of reasoning for the last three words. Obama was unconvinced. He questioned Michelle.

Axelrod shares when Obama asked. “Meesh. What do you think?” Holding her chin, Michelle shook her head gradually, side to side, and stated: “Not corny.”

Axelrod wrote in his memoirs, “That was enough. My reassurance had left Obama still wondering, but he deeply trusted Michelle’s instincts and connection with people. Her imprimatur immediately sealed the deal, preserving a tag line that would become our rallying cry in this and future campaigns.” Axelrod gave the credit to the future first lady for huge save. “Thank God she was there that day”, said Axelrod.

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