Zebel Opens New Flagship Store in Soho, Enhancing the Bespoke Suiting Experience

Zebel, a leader in made to measure suits, is poised to launch its newest store in Soho, Berwick Street, bringing tailored elegance within everyone’s reach.

Soho’s Berwick Street, known for its creative pulse, aligns perfectly with Zebel’s philosophy of accessible, high-quality suiting.

Mohammed Hussain, the store’s manager and director, stated, “Berwick Street Soho is a perfect location for our new store; a vibrant and inclusive community at the heart of London’s creative hub, it perfectly encapsulates our ethos of inclusivity and democratisation of suiting whilst maintaining our traditionally high standard of garment. If you have a particular event coming up and want to look your finest, come in, and let’s get started. We can advise you on everything from selecting the right style and fabric to choosing the perfect accessories, all tailored to your figure and budget.”

Zebel’s innovative tailoring process caters to a broad customer base, offering quality and style for various occasions.

A Tailoring Journey Beyond the Ordinary

Zebel offers a distinctive experience, guiding clients through a vast selection of fabrics and styles, supported by expert tailors and style consultants.

Quality Tailoring at Accessible Prices

Zebel is committed to delivering exceptional suits at affordable prices, maintaining high standards of quality. As Keyvan Nosrati, co-director, affirms, “We aim to provide our customers with an exceptionally fitting suit without an exorbitant price tag. This, however, does not mean we compromise on quality.”

The brand’s service quality is echoed in client testimonials, like that of Alkesh Chavda.

The Soho store, located at 46 Berwick St, opens its doors on January 4, 2024.

For inquiries, email George@zebel.co.uk or visit www.Zebel.co.uk.

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