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Ideal Postcodes offers free address validation for small UK charities

Charities play a vital role of raising awareness and providing information about important causes that can make a difference. Ideal Postcodes, a fast growing UK address validation service believes in giving back to the community, and helping charities maximise their impact. They offer free licensing for small charities to access the most accurate address data in the UK.

Address validation is the process of verifying if an address is legitimate. It is validated against an authoritative addressing database. In the UK, Royal Mail’s postcode address file is known to manage the most accurate and up-to-date address information.

Many businesses require an address validation service to ensure their products are delivered to a customer’s correct address, improve their quality of data and even enhance targeted marketing initiatives.

Similarly, charities depend on donors, and it is vital for them to ensure that donations are processed correctly. Gift aid is an important source of income, so verifying a donors details is important to confirm gift aid declarations and make the claim as smooth as possible.

With fundraising and donations being the main source of income for charities, procuring an address validation solution helps save time, money and resources. Verifying the quality of contact data avoids duplicate donor information and helps maintain an effective donor list. Marketing teams can also gain insight on their supporters to improve targeted communication and campaigns.

Christopher Blanchard, founder of Ideal Postcodes believes address validation plays a part in helping small charities increase their operating effectiveness and focus more resources on their core mission.

“We admire people who do charitable work and want to contribute our services to help them achieve their mission”

Christopher Blanchard

Ideal Postcodes uses address data from Royal Mail and AddressBase, the most trusted addressing and mapping agencies in the UK. Their charity plan simplifies the process of registering and acquiring a license from Royal Mail and offers free address validation credits.

Charities can view Ideal Postcodes’ charity licensing plans on 

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