LocalTrade launches its new product – LocalTrade University

In today’s world, it is no longer so popular to put money away under a mattress or keep a bunch of coins in a bank. Just 50 years ago, bottles and mattresses were replaced by investment funds with their own areas of investment and huge banks with deposit offerings. Nowadays the niche of saving and increasing free money is occupied by different stock exchanges and brokers. It is not that stock exchanges and brokers have appeared just now, no, it is just that at present these participants of the financial market become very popular among population. And this popularity is fueled by the rapid hype around cryptocurrencies and different tokens.

Our article will talk about one new, modern crypto exchange – LocalTrade. We will find out why users choose this particular exchange, why it is good and what privileges it has.

In addition, our review will include a project called LocalTrade Uniresity. Let’s say in advance that this platform should be visited by everyone who is interested in the development of cryptocurrency and wants to earn on its rise or fall. And now let’s proceed to the review itself.

LocalTrade – management change review and new products

LocalTrade may be one of the next-generation exchanges that is setting a new vector for cryptocurrencies. Most recently, the exchange was bought out by LocalTrade LLC. The company’s new management is on fire with the idea of turning blockchain and digital currencies into something very simple and easy for anyone to understand. At the moment, the company’s CEO is Aaron Levi Yahal. The new director has a vast experience in marketing and has supported a large number of cryptocurrency projects over the years. Aaron has had a lifetime of extraordinary tasks that have led him to impressive results. One of the most popular projects that Aaron has been involved in is PureFi.

PureFi is a DeFi AML protocol used for onboarding – introducing the average user to cryptocurrency. In this project, Aaron held the position of RegTech Strategist.

The Chief Executive Officer of the exchange is Alexandra Buimister. Alexandra has a huge experience in finance and credit sector. In addition, she has participated in the creation of many services alternative to banking. Alexandra has experience of working with international brands such as BCA Research, Supreme Group.

Aaron has a big future in mind for the crypto exchange LocalTrade. In order to fulfill his goals, Aaron decided to start a partnership with the professionals at SPACE IT Blokchain.

The new management wants to completely revamp the crypto exchange and create specifically new products that have no counterparts on the entire planet. One of the very first tasks for management will be to ensure security for the user while the platform is in operation. On top of that, management wants to create a FinTech marketplace and introduce all of DeFi’s problem-solving capabilities through blockchain innovation.

The DeFi capabilities will completely eliminate the various middlemen and third parties in any transactions. Instead of intermediaries, there will be various smart agreements.

At present, the field of decentralized finance minimizes as much as possible the probability of losing funds, due to any fraudulent actions, given that the user performs all transactions through a personal wallet with secret information stored only with him.

DeFi-based services and applications have been running for several years, so it’s not easy for a newcomer to understand how they work. There are a large number of investments with DeFi tasks on the Internet, but frustrated people can’t invest in every one of them. Especially for this, LocalTrade is creating another project called DEX.

DEX is a decentralized crypto exchange based on security and privacy guarantees. This exchange will contain only verified DeFi tasks on the marketplace, so any user without fear will be able to purchase it without restrictions. This exchange will not in any way collect information about visitors, such as: IP-address, time zone, screen resolutions, digital fingerprint, and more. At this exchanger you do not need to register because it is decentralized. The advantage of this solution is complete anonymity of all transactions.

Review of LocalTrade and the DeFi Lab product

With DeFi Lab, users can access a variety of DeFi tools and original investment projects based entirely on automated ABS smart contacts. We’ve listed a couple of these projects below:

  •   NeoBroker SmartFund is a fairly low-risk investment project that provides users with various opportunities to invest in pre-IPO companies. Participants in this project can purchase tokenized securities and profit from that after those securities are redeemed post-IPO;
  •     DeFi Wallet – an application to access decentralized finance with the most user-friendly interface and features;
  •   Yield Farming Protocol – here users can give their assets to different DeFi projects with different uses for those assets. For example: participation in DeFi project liquidity mining, pledging assets for lending, and more;
  •    Launchpad – a space for the most innovative projects, set up to discover something completely new to breakthrough in the crypto industry.
  •    In addition, LocalTrade has its own token, the LocalTrade Token (LTT). The LLT token will be operated as a connection between the two LocalTrade CEX and DeFi objects.
  •    LLT is a unique token and can be used in a variety of ways:
  •    LLT can be put into a liquidity pool and receive rewards for doing so;
  •  Commission discounts for LLT holders;
  • Customized Visa LocalTrade card offers;
  • LLT guarantees the best APY rates in the farming aggregator.

In this way, the LLT token allows LocalTrade to combine all of its products into one system in which everything is connected.

New training course – LocalTrade University

Apart from the fact that the crypto exchange LocalTrade has high quality and functionality, it, also wants to develop the sphere of finance and increase the financial literacy of the population of the planet. In this regard, crypto exchange LocalTrade has decided to launch a learning platform for cryptocurrency trading – LocalTrade University.

By spreading knowledge about cryptocurrency around the world, the exchange will be able to increase trading volumes, which affect the final earnings of the trader. The more financially literate people there will be, the better it will affect the economy. Everything is interconnected. Trading can give a person quite good money, which, in turn, makes an ordinary person a middle-class person. As we know, in the most advanced countries of the world, middle class people are a large component of the entire population. So we can say that LocalTrade University – has developed online education, aimed at the creation of the middle class, and therefore the development of the world economy.

Within the training course itself from LocalTrade University you will be able to learn more about the company’s services, what it does and how it is set up to manifest itself in the cryptocurrency market. One of the main skills you can get at the training is the methodology of cryptocurrency trading and the most important: how to make money on it.

Now let’s talk specifically about the tour.

The tour itself begins November 1, 2021 and ends February 6, 2022. During this time, the LocalTrade team is going to visit a huge number of Latin American countries. The tour will start in the city of Sao Paulo and will continue to the city of Recife. Other cities that will be visited are Maceió and Aracajú. This tour is scheduled for November 19, 2021 and  the LocalTrade team will visit Salvador and then return to Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, one of the biggest cities in Brazil, can see this course already on 11/28/221, wait for Balneário-Camborio on 12/22/221, and the training will return to São Paulo on 12/7/221 too.

In addition, LocalTrade University is going to conduct its tour in the following countries: Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina.

In all the countries where the training will take place, the schedule is always about the same, namely:

First day – meeting with the management;

The second day – the event itself (training);

Day 3 – second meeting with management and clients.

After that, all the curators, directors and speakers of the project will have the opportunity to rest for 1-2 days, which includes a trip to the next destination. By the way, about the team itself, which will take part in training from LocalTrade University:

  •   Maxym Blazhkun – CBDO and coordinator of the entire training;
  •    Edvaldo Sa – Latin America advisor and marketing specialist;
  •     Angelina sa Lauzem Oliveira – Central American advisor and marketing specialist;
  •     Nivaldo Candido de Souza – European advisor and marketing specialist;
  •   Jonathas Jesús dos Anjos – Local Trade representative.

This team has been specially selected to deliver information about how cryptocurrency works in as simple and accessible way as possible.

In addition, among other things, the team aims to conduct another training tour, which will be in March 2022. This tour is planned for the UAE, particularly in the city of Dubai. So far, there is no exact information from the LocalTrade team about holding this event in the city of Dubai. Right now there is only an announcement, but we have to wait for the full information.

In conclusion, we can say that the training platform from LocalTrade University will suit both a novice trader and investor, as well as a financial market participant with experience in cryptocurrency trading. One should understand that there is a future behind cryptocurrency and different tokens. In the near future, systems and projects will be developed that are set up so that cryptocurrency can be withdrawn from an ATM just like any bill. Some think of such virtual assets as having the appearance of an intangible good, which is something that has no exact economic value. In other words – cryptocurrency, unsecured and unsupported by anything. In fact, it is not. Cryptocurrency is backed by the opportunities it provides to its users. It should be understood that the world is already beginning to gradually move away from the typical valuation of the means of payment with gold. Therefore, the development of modern technology and the latest developments will not take long for cryptocurrency recognition from the global community.

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