Protecto Announces Advanced Capabilities for HIPAA-Compliant Data in GenAI Applications on Snowflake

Protecto, a leader in data privacy and security solutions, is excited to announce the introduction of new features designed to identify and cleanse Protected Health Information (PHI) from both structured and unstructured datasets. These enhancements support the creation of secure and compliant data for Generative AI (GenAI) applications, demonstrating Protecto’s commitment to data security and compliance while enabling organisations to unlock the full potential of GenAI.

Protecto’s latest features include specialised packages tailored for Snowflake, ensuring seamless integration and improved performance. The solution includes APIs capable of managing structured and unstructured data, providing comprehensive coverage and flexibility for diverse data environments.

At the core of Protecto Vault’s value proposition is its unique technology, which can identify and mask sensitive data while ensuring it remains entirely comprehensible by LLMs even after masking the sensitive PHI data. This groundbreaking approach ensures data safety and compliance in GenAI applications. With its proprietary AI model, Protecto has expanded the range of PHI elements to over 100, safeguarding sensitive information and meeting HIPAA safe harbour standards. In an industry where accuracy is paramount, Protecto’s unique approach ensures compliance while maintaining the accuracy of GenAI applications, distinguishing it from competitors.

Amar Kanagaraj, CEO of, commented: “Protecto’s mission is enabling customers to innovate confidently with Generative AI while meeting privacy and compliance requirements such as HIPAA. With our enhanced capabilities, we are taking a significant step forward in safeguarding sensitive data while optimising performance for our customers, particularly those using Snowflake.”

Protecto Vault’s advanced AI model establishes a new benchmark in data security, accurately identifying sensitive information. By expanding its model to include various PHI elements, ensures that all sensitive information is adequately identified and protected, allowing organisations to focus on innovation without compromising compliance.

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