Do Businesses Really Need Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disaster Recovery Management primarily helps in business continuity despite any kind of disaster in the IT space of an organization. Disaster Recovery Management services are provided by best IT companies and one such company offering Disaster Recovery Management in Orlando is Newtek IT Services. For Disaster Recovery Management in Orlando, you can feel free to connect with Newtek IT Services. In this blog post, Newtek IT Services explains ‘Do Businesses Really Need Disaster Recovery Plan?’

Disaster Recovery Plan refers to a well-defined document that maps how an organization will continue business in case of disasters like IT hack, power outrage, cyber-attack, natural disaster.  Disaster Recovery Plan aims to minimize the crisis and loss of time with effective strategies that usually disasters bring in an ongoing organization. Disaster Recovery Plan helps businesses to safeguard against brand loss, customer dissatisfaction, revenue loss, and loss of flow of work.

Disaster Recovery Plan includes the following-

·         Overview and goals of Disaster Recovery Plan
·         Contact information of leading personnel of the company
·         Diagram of IT site and network
·         List of critical IT assets
·         List of software in the company
·         List of license keys in the company
·         List of systems and devices in the company
·         Technical documentation of vendors
·         Technical documentation of vendors
·         Insurance coverage summary
·         Proposal for legal aspects

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Disaster Recovery Plan is determined by the size of the company, number of employees, supply chain logistics or IT set up. It includes all types of possible operation disruption. It is complex because it keeps an account of large amount of business data from myriad of devices. It’s not only about having a Disaster Recovery Management plan; the Disaster Recovery Management plan must be updated time to time.

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