How to create a buyer persona in 2021?

Who is your ideal customer? You can answer this question with a lot of research, but it’s not going to bring accurate results. It is more important not to chase the question “Who is my ideal customer?” but to understand the real needs of a group of people who may be interested in your company’s products and services.

Ask yourself: «who might be interested in our products? » and understand what crucial needs they cover. It is essential to determine your customer’s personality, but we are all different and often make purchases for various motives, very unobvious.

The main objective of any company

A company’s bottom line is directly related to sales. Whether we want to admit it or not. You may have the best and highest quality product or service, which other firms have to dream about, but the sales figure will be far from ideal. But over time, you will understand what your customers have in common. Then you’ll be able to create the products that best meet their needs, develop content tailored to their interests, and use techniques that will lead to boost sales.

So, what is your “ideal customer”? To figure it out, it’s not enough to analyze deals that have already closed and analyze past sales. You’ll need to do research and surveys of people who are part of your target audience. Be sure to explore what motivated your customers to buy a product, what channel of customer attraction worked in a particular case.

  • Place a small survey form on your website, asking visitors to fill it out. You can even offer to get something free and of value to them for doing so. Analyze their answers and compare them to the decisions you’re already making;
  • If your company’s professionals call customers for important information, make sure that the questions your firm asks are not too personal or intrusive. Customers answer such questions very rarely, and if they have been loyal to your company before, they may be less likely to repeat purchases. And still, try to always stay in touch with your customers, because they will give you the most valuable knowledge, which will allow you not to spend a lot of money on unnecessary advertising, and with a minimum budget receive the maximum return;
  • Pay attention to implicit reasons for purchases. Don’t just get answers from the people you’re interviewing, but pay attention to how they answer you. Their intonation and demeanor can hide essential meanings;
  • Remember to speak the language of your customers. Don’t use terms they don’t understand, which can confuse them. Once you know who your customer is, you’ll find clues to their thoughts and hearts faster, motivating them to use your services and buy your products again and again. And show your customers how much you appreciate them, just without the falsity, because it can always be felt;
  • Watch how your employees communicate with customers. Even if the customer shows that they prefer simplicity in communication, they may resent being treated disrespectfully. Try to develop a common way of communicating with your target customers. But that communication should always remain within the rules and politeness.

In 2021, customer service standards remain incredibly high and even higher than before. People’s buying power is declining, so you’ll have to use all of your obvious and non-obvious advantages not just to attract the customer but to keep them loyal.

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