Small Fashion Business Reaches Global ‘Triple Crown’ of Shopping Networks!

Once-in-a-lifetime pandemics like we’ve just experienced can devastate small business owners. Some never recovered from the shutdowns, lackluster economy, high tariffs, and enormous shipping rates.

Entrepreneur Tami Lange doesn’t let anything get in her way of solving a problem, even when she feels at the end of her rope. Her go-getter attitude and passion for making her small business thrive is one to admire and learn from. She is a shining example of how the CARES Act (Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, Economic Security Act) helped her brand, Save the Girls, break into larger markets such as Australia.

With help via CARE and the World Trade Center in St. Louis, Tami pivoted her already promising brand of touch screen purses into the international market. Already on QVC and The Shopping Channel in Canada, Tami knew the interest in her functional and gorgeous bags was there – now she needed that extra push to make it a global enterprise and target shopping channels overseas, adding to the 2,000+ retail locations she presently had secured.

The additional funding allowed Tami to land on Australia’s TVSN with her fashionable purses, enabling you to use your phone while keeping it stored in a trendy bag with a see-through cover. Tami calls this achievement the “Triple Crown of Shopping Networks.”

Lange said, “After fighting three straight years with issues outside of my control, it is a relief to have the government helping me instead of making small business more challenging.”

The CARE Act has expired, but its positive ramifications are still visible. Congress initially passed the relief package to help business owners such as Tami for immediate needs during a historic and devastating pandemic. Its impact will be felt for years to come.

Save the Girls was indeed helped by the CARES Act.

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