Transportation management system: what the tasks it solves

Logistics is responsible for the physical implementation of materials management in running a business and also, is an essential component of supply chain management.

Transport logistics is a key element in the organization of many business processes. The main task is to pick up the goods at the warehouse, plan the route correctly, and deliver it on time to the appointed place. And at the same time to do all this with minimal financial costs.

The main functions of transport logistics include:

  • route planning and organization of cargo delivery;
  • loading and unloading of goods;
  • registration of accompanying documents;
  • optimization of the cargo transportation process;
  • insurance and customs services either may be included additionally.

Types of transport logistics

We have two types of transportation. It can be internal such as transportation of goods between branches of one company, and external when the goods are delivered from the seller to the customer. There are several types of transportation in transport and logistics management:

  • unimodal – using one type of transport;
  • multimodal – using several types of vehicles by one organizer;
  • intermodal – using several types of vehicles by different organizers;
  • mixed – with the service of temporary storage of cargo during transportation.

The Main goals

Transport logistics solves the following tasks by taking into account the goals and functions, such as:

  • examining the conditions of points of shipment and delivery;
  • analysing the properties of the transported cargo: weight, volume, storage and transportation conditions and other characteristics;
  • building the most profitable route;
  • selecting suitable types of transport: land, air, water;
  • choosing a reliable and proven carrier with experience of the type of cargo that will be transported;
  • monitoring the cargo during the entire time of transportation.
  • calculating possible force majeure circumstances.

Business automation process

There is an acute issue of automation of logistics processes associated with the transportation of goods for modern companies, whose activities are continuously connected with the delivery of goods. This approach significantly optimizes the work of the company’s employees and reduces financial costs.

For this, the best transport management systems are cloud TMS solutions (transport management system). They automate the work of drawing up routes, selecting transport depending on the type of cargo being transported, preparing documentation and other stages. They also allow you to control the entire process of transportation of goods, their location and, if necessary, make adjustments to the route in real-time.

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