Hackerween Cyber Secruity Event to be Launched by TryHackMe

On October 27th 2022 TryHackMe will be releasing their first ever Hackerween, a 5-day event comprising of free cyber security challenges, increasing in difficulty to cater to the complete beginner through to more technical cyber learners. Each challenge follows a gamified storyline and allows participants to actively hack and defend machines in action
Gamified cyber security training company TryHackMe, launches the first Hackerween event this October. The event aims to give cyber security enthusiasts the opportunity to exercise their skills in real-world, interactive challenges.
 TryHackMe specialises in offensive and defensive cyber security training, suited for all skill levels across niches. Individuals use TryHackMe to learn cyber security and break into cyber, businesses use TryHackMe to onboard and train cyber security teams in evolving cyber topics, and education bodies use training to give students a real-world experience.
Happy Hackerween
The first free challenge lab on Thursday challenges you to retrieve a flag. In the weekly internal security meeting, it was reported that an employee overheard two co-workers discussing the PrintNightmare exploit, and how they can use the exploits to elevate their privileges on their local computers. Inspect the artefacts on the endpoint to detect the exploit they used!
Businesses can dive it and set teams Hackerween challenges until the end of October. For a themed push to increase employee buy-in and train towards a theme, TryHackMe also launched their Christmas event – Advent of Cyber, in December.
TryHackMe for business
Hundreds of businesses around the world use TryHackMe across teams of employees. Network Intelligence uses the platform to create customised onboarding training; upskilling all new hires in the key niches relating to business success.
KPMG leverages bite-sized training to set training tasks employees can undergo in between work responsibilities. They said, “TryHackMe labs have a brilliant balance of theory and practice – explaining how cyber tools work and showcasing them in interactive real-world environments. It’s a fun, straightforward platform with clear guidance, so it’s easy to upskill independently. Bite-sized content is especially useful for training in between other priorities.”
Join hundreds of businesses and over a million users using TryHackMe, with Hackerween!
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