7 Benefits of Using a Credit Card in India

Credit cards have changed how people shop by enabling easy access to credit. You might have credit cards from many banks, and using a card to pay for goods or services is standard practice for everyone.

You can find a variety of credit cards offered by practically all banks and financial institutions. They are recognized as a form of payment at every establishment that provides you with goods or services.

Credit cards can be used to pay for various expenses, including food, clothing, movies, utility and phone bills, and much more.

There are several credit card benefits in India, but here are the top 7 benefits –

  1. The most preferred method of payment:

With this card, you can go anywhere without carrying much cash. You can use a credit card to pay for anything because it is the most widely used mode of payment.

  1. Cash withdrawals without interest:

A few credit cards don’t charge interest for the first 45 to 50 days after you make an emergency withdrawal up to a specific limit. In times of financial emergency, you can rely on a credit card; but remember that ATM withdrawals will get charged interest.

  1. Rewards system :

Rewards are essential features of a credit card that contribute to a better credit card experience. The more you spend using your credit card, the more rewards you earn. You are more likely to use your credit card for products and services if it has perks.

  1. Buy on credit:

The credit limit allowed to the cardholder makes a credit card attractive. You can buy anything within that limit and pay later.  Credit cards let you make big purchases that go beyond your monthly budget. You can opt-in for credit card EMIs to aid this better and pay your dues over a period of time.

  1. Be prompt with utility bills and other recurring payments.

Credit cards are handy for recurring payments, besides the convenience they provide for one-time transactions. You can set up a standing order to use your credit card to pay for recurring expenses like rent, phone, gas, and other regular obligations. By doing this, you lower your chance of forgetting to pay your bills on time and avoiding late fees.

  1. Secure and Safe

You can avoid carrying a lot of cash in your wallet using a credit card. You don’t have to be concerned about keeping the money secure or preventing pickpocketing.

If the unthinkable happens and you lose or forget your card, you can quickly contact your bank by calling a 24-hour helpline. Your bank will soon revoke the card after learning of the loss, preventing unauthorized use.

  1. Other Benefits

Depending on the type of card, credit cards also provide many additional benefits, such as fire insurance, accidental death benefits, and more. All you need to do to qualify for the insurance coverage offered on your credit card is spend the required amount each year. You are not required to pay a higher premium.


Credit cards are not something to be scared of, despite widespread assumptions. Most people avoid using credit cards because they may fall into a debt trap. Responsible credit card use comes with a host of additional advantages in addition to convenience.

Now that you know the remarkable advantages of a credit card apply for one and start taking advantage of its many benefits and rewards.

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