AIForge Accelerator Adds ‘Crumbless’ Pitch and AI Discussions

The AIForge Accelerator has included a pitch by “Crumbless” in its finale event line-up. The presentation, scheduled for Thursday, 11th July, will feature an introduction by Global Accelerator Founder Craig Massey as the London Summer 2024 Cohort startups prepare to launch their first SEIS investment round.

The Summer Cohort showcases founders from a range of sectors at the cutting edge of AI innovation. The event will be followed by an exclusive networking session, allowing investors to connect directly with the startups, explore investment opportunities, and forge new partnerships.

Co-founder Oliver Pearn’s pitch for “Crumbless” will be held at One Great Cumberland PlaceCrumbless utilises AI-driven ad placements to deliver improved digital experiences accurately and at scale, without the use of cookies or personal data. By employing contextual targeting, it matches users with relevant ads across its ad network. It aims to become the global leader in seamlessly integrated adverts, enhancing user experience without interruptions.

“We are thrilled to present Crumbless as part of the AIForge Elite Global Accelerator cohort,” said Pearn. “Our mission is to revolutionise digital advertising by ensuring user privacy and delivering relevant content, especially with GDPR removing all browsing cookies. This event marks a significant milestone as we open our first SEIS investment round and connect with potential investors and partners.”

As part of the event, guests will gain deeper insights into the latest AI innovations and assess their potential for groundbreaking impact and growth, aiding them in selecting the most promising startups. The Who’s Who contains an overview of each startup that investors will hear pitch on the day.

The event will take place over three days, from 9th to 11th July. Tickets are available on the company’s website.

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