finance guest posts, A Revolutionary Financial Planning Application, Helps Advisors Build Client Confidence, a revolutionary new financial planning software, has risen to new heights by helping thousands reimagine their financial future with top-rated financial planning services and resources. Focused on providing advisors with the ability to quickly and easily show clients a multitude of scenarios using simulated and historical data, is empowering a new generation of sound financial decision-making in real-time anytime, anyplace.

To get started, advisors simply invite their clients via email to the application, watch as they set up their profile, and then edit and update settings and test scenarios while working with them live over the internet so both parties can see scenarios, navigate changes, and monitor portfolio size and financial longevity. Special financial models allow clients to simulate relevant and timely scenarios, including Social Security retirement age, market conditions, increased healthcare costs, early or late retirement, sequence risk, and more online and from the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, a Tax Strategies and Spending Rules area is available to show clients the effects of how, when, and from where they withdraw their money. These features make planning for retirees Social Security, Medicare, or even Canada Pension Plan easy, while maintaining open collaboration and discussion between a financial advisor and client.  Features to build advisors’ online presence, generate reports, pension cash flow planning, and plan a client’s budget are also included. was started with the goal of helping people retire not worrying about the ups and downs of markets. The application has grown increasingly popular since its launch to the public in late 2020. To learn about how can best help financial advisors and their clients, please visit today.

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